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A New Beginning (Chapter 13)

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A/N: OKAY!!! I have to let you guys know that either this update or tomorrow's will most likely be the last for about a week * don't kill me! *

I am still going to write the chapters, they just will not be posted for a while because I will be away from a computer for a week. So I am very sorry, but I hope you will like this chapter and continue to read this story because I promise that it will be worth the wait :)

Let me know what you think my loves <3


Chapter 13


Callie placed leftover pizza boxes in her refrigerator as her friends settled down in the living room to watch a movie, content with the fun they had swimming. No one had bothered to change out of their bathing suits, so they shared two blankets to keep warm in the living room.


As the movie started, Daniel texted his mother and got the okay to stay the night at Callie’s. He had a feeling that Arizona wouldn’t mind at all, seeing as how she was already more interested in Callie than she was in the movie.


He felt bad for Arizona since she was still struggling with Callie. He knew she was waiting for Callie to admit her feelings for her, if they existed. He knew from Addison that Callie really liked his sister and he could tell her if he chose to, but he decided to wait, figuring it would be worth it for Arizona to hear it from Callie herself.


She pulled him aside when they came inside to eat to tell him that she had made the first move, but Callie never had the chance to answer since he splashed water all over them. So he wanted to make it up to his sister by leaving her to her business for the rest of the night, and getting permission for them to stay over.


When Callie slipped under the blanket beside Arizona, Daniel made it a point to turn away from them and focus all of his attention on the movie.


Callie crossed her legs to sit under the blanket next to Arizona. She made sure not to touch the blonde, so she could focus on the movie and not on the nervousness that she was feeling.


But instead her mind traveled to the conversation had just finished by the pool.


'She likes me. It's obvious now. She likes me and I like her. God, I need to tell her soon.'


Callie then remembered the soft brush of Arizona’s lips on her cheek. It was unexpected and shocking, but both she and Arizona had felt something electric about the accidental touch, something dangerously sexy about that little mistake.


And Callie wanted more. She didn’t think she could ever get enough of Arizona’s intoxicating presence. Arizona made her feel wanted. They way she touched her innocently, the way she looked at her, and the way she flirted with her so easily; it was all so exciting.


But that was only a bonus. Callie wanted Arizona because she simply was falling for her, falling herder than she had ever fallen for anyone else.


Arizona cared...she cared for herself, for Daniel, for Callie, and she loved that about her. It made her more than just physically attractive and it made Callie want to have her that much more.


There was a connection between them that was so natural and so easy. It wasn’t forced and it was just...always there.


Callie shifted under the blanket to scoot a tad bit closer to Arizona. With a hopeful breath, Callie moved her hand to meet Arizona’s, her fingers resting on Arizona’s to ask permission silently.




Arizona was painfully aware of how close Callie’s half-naked form was next to her. She could feel her body heat radiating on her cool skin and it made her nervous.


They had been this close in the pool, they actually had been a lot closer. But for some reason the closeness now made her incredibly nervous.


She had been brave, had made the first move. She tried to hint at her interest in Callie and now she had to wait and see if Callie had taken the hint.


She hoped that she hadn’t been too bold. But no, she kept it non-specific enough to avoid directly telling Callie that she was the one that really liked her, the one that was very eager to line up for her.


Arizona’s thoughts suddenly went hazy as a warm hand rested unsurely on top of hers. Callie.


'Maybe she got the hint after all.'


Arizona smiled and turned her hand over to fill the spaces between her fingers with Callie’s own fingers, happy that Callie was making a move, a small one, but the right one.


This was good. This made Arizona hopeful that Callie had caught on, but until she heard the words come from Callie’s mouth, she was not going to get her hopes up too much. She didn’t want to crash too hard if Callie was only just flirting innocently again.


Flirting was good, flirting was fun. But she didn’t want the flirting to end in heart break. She would have enough of that to deal with when Daniel left in two weeks, so she didn’t want any more to add to it.


So she decided to wait. When she knew without a doubt that Callie was truly invested in her, then she would open herself to Callie in return. But for now all she could do was wait.


Halfway through the movie Addison had fallen asleep with Daniel’s strong arm around her and Daniel rested his head on hers, his own eyes threatening to close, worn out from the pool.


Arizona was still holding Callie’s hand, but neither girl had moved an inch. Arizona guessed that Callie was feeling just as nervous as she was right now and neither of them spoke, not sure what to say.


A soft snore erupted from Daniel and Arizona giggled in surprise, finally looking at Callie to share her laugh. However, Callie only managed a weak smile. Something was bothering her, Arizona could see it plainly. She questioned Callie with her eyes as her soft laughter died out. Callie finally answered by tugging on Arizona’s hand and nodding towards the back door.


Quietly, the girls left the room as Daniel and Addison slept soundly, peacefully unaware of everything around them.


Once they were outside, Callie walked hand in hand with Arizona and sat on the edge of the pool, her feet hanging carelessly into the water.


Arizona followed suit and took a place next to Callie, dangling her own feet into the chilly water. Not a word was said as Arizona watched Callie draw meaningless patterns in the water with her foot. She was thinking about something, something important and Arizona took the opportunity to just sit back and watch her.


She couldn’t keep her eyes from traveling up Callie’s body again, taking in and fully appreciating every aspect of her body, so neatly defined by her small bikini. Her raven hair was pushed back behind her ears and the moon was casting a silver glow on the crown of Callie’s head. Arizona smiled at the way it made Callie look like an angel.


When Callie finally spoke Arizona looked to her shyly.


“Have you ever gone for a midnight swim?”


Callie slid easily into the water and turned to face Arizona, her arms cutting small lines in the water with her movements.


Arizona shook her head and Callie reached out to take Arizona’s hand and help her into the pool gently. She hated the cold water, but the look in Callie’s eyes made her forget about the chilly temperature and she quickly dropped into the water to stand in front of the Callie.


The quiet of the night exhilarated Arizona and her nerves increased even more as Callie pulled her closer to her, both girls finding warmth in the other, a relief from the cold water. Arizona quickly found herself pressed up against Callie and she prayed that the other girl couldn’t feel her heart racing.


Callie waited to see if Arizona would pull away and when she didn’t she smiled and held the small girl in a loose hug.


Arizona rested her head on Callie’s shoulder as she wrapped her arms around the Latina's waist, comfortable with being so close to her again. Callie spoke softly as she held Arizona close to her.


“I love swimming at night. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. You can be alone to float in the water and stare up at the stars. It's relaxing,” Callie pressed her cheek to Arizona’s soft hair and sighed.


Here right now, alone with Arizona, feeling their bodies pressed together, was how she wanted to stay. She felt her heart start to pound in her chest at the though that this could be it. This could be her chance to make sure that she and Arizona had so many more moments like this.


Callie’s nerves rose to an all time high and she tried to calm herself by focusing on the warm touch of Arizona’s hands resting on her waist. She wanted Arizona to know so badly and she wanted to stop stressing over the physical tension between them. Every time they touched she felt like she was going to explode with pleasure. Being this close to Arizona now only sharpened her feelings as they were alone and all was quiet. She had told Addison that she was waiting on the right time to tell Arizona how she feels. And now she couldn’t think of a better time than now to try and speak her heart.


“Arizona,” Callie whispered her name, looking to the sky for strength.


“Hmm?” Arizona didn’t lift her head from Callie’s shoulder and Callie was grateful for that. It would be a lot easier to do this if she wasn’t drowning in Arizona’s bright blue eyes.


“Have you ever felt like something was too good to be true, like you were afraid to wake up and see that it was all a dream?” Callie knew it sounded painfully cliché, but she couldn’t think of any other way to describe how she was feeling.


Arizona nodded into Callie’s shoulder, hoping that this would lead to her discovering how Callie really felt about her. Callie continued as she ran her hands lightly over Arizona’s bare back, her body tingling with excitement.


“Ever since you showed up in homeroom on the first day of school, with your perky smile and your bouncing curls, I wanted to know you. Something about you just drew me to you.”


Arizona lifted her head and looked into Callie’s nervous eyes. She was reminded of how she felt when she came out to her parents earlier that morning and she hoped that meant Callie was about to say something big.


Callie smiled at Arizona to try and hide her nerves, her eyes steadily holding Arizona’s hopeful gaze.


'I’m doing this. Don’t turn back now Callie. This is right...just do it.'


“Arizona, I’ve had my heart broken, but put it back together without even trying. You are amazing and beautiful, and...”


Arizona waited expectantly, ready for Callie to let her know why she was telling her this. Callie stopped moving her hands against her back and she instantly missed the contact. And she was suddenly afraid that Callie wasn’t about to say what she had been hoping for.


“You scare me Arizona.”


Blue eyes blinked slowly at Callie’s words. That was definitely not what she was expecting to heart, but before she let her heart sink, she realized that those words were not words of true fear, but rather a confession that Callie was finally admitting out loud.


She became confident with Callie’s words and she gave the Latina an encouraging smile. She them started to run her fingers lightly down Callie’s arm, making Callie close her eyes with pleasure.


The brunette stood silently in the water, her eyes closed for several moments before gathering enough courage to continue where she left off. Everything needed to be said now that she had already started pouring out her heart to the one person that she hoped cared.


“I have never met anyone like you Arizona Robbins. And I-”


Callie stared straight into Arizona’s eyes to make sure that she got her point across.


“I want to be with you Arizona. I want to be your best friend, but I want to be more than that to you. I want to be that person that takes your breath away, that one person that leaves you wanting more.”


Callie was breathless as she finally let Arizona see into her heart, to see how much she was really falling for her.


Arizona’s heart thundered in her chest. Callie had spoken the words she had been waiting to hear. She almost couldn’t believe that had just happened. The girl that she was desperate to know as more than a friend had just confirmed that the feeling was mutual. And it had given her reason to keep up her hope of being with her alive.


She nodded casually and fought hard to calm her racing heart. Callie wanted her...and she wanted Callie. She wanted to just revel in the moment, to hold onto the way they both were feeling right now. And with that she decided that now would be a good time to test out just how much Callie really wanted her.


She moved her face slowly to towards Callie and leaned in close enough to feel Callie’s shaky breath on her lips before moving to rest her chin on her tanned shoulder.


Callie was obviously disappointed at the tease that Arizona did just now and that gave Arizona another idea. If Callie wanted her, then she would give her a taste of her, but not too much. Not yet. Oh no, now that she knew Callie was completely interested, she would tell her how she felt too, and show her at the same time.


“Calliope,” Arizona’s whisper tickled Callie’s neck and she shivered at the sensation.


'Good. This should be fun.'


“Why do I scare you?” Arizona slid her nose up Callie’s neck and stopped just under her ear, breathing lightly, waiting for Callie to answer.


'This is exactly why you scare me.' Callie thought.


She tried to focus on her answer, a task that seemed near impossible at the moment.


“Because you do things to me that I can't even explain.”


Arizona knew exactly how to play this one out. She brushed her lips against Callie’s earlobe when she spoke and was satisfied to hear a rather loud gasp as Callie’s breathing sped up and became ragged with pleasure.


“Now you know how you make me feel, Calliope Torres.”


Arizona withdrew her lips from Callie’s ear and moved to look her in the eyes again.


“You are that one person Calliope. You are the one that I want. I want you so badly Calliope, but I understand that this is a lot for you. You just got away from George and I’m...I'm a girl.”


Arizona’s face turned serious, her sexy smirk gone from her lips. She needed Callie to hear her and to understand, but she continued to explore Callie’s body with her fingers to let the Latina know that she wanted her no matter what.


“So I will wait for you Calliope. I will wait until you are ready and-”


Callie quickly grabbed Arizona’s face and held it between her hands, her eyes threatening to spill tears of happiness and sheer pleasure.


“I am ready now, Arizona. You don’t realize how badly I tortured myself with the idea of having you to call my own, constantly wondering if you felt the same way, and preparing myself for rejection.”


Arizona frowned and reached out to take hold of Callie’s waist again, the water rippling with her movement.


“No, no, I need you to understand that I'm-” Arizona smiled and felt Callie’s hands relax on her cheeks.


“I'm falling for you Calliope Torres.” Arizona’s voice dripped with sincerity that made Callie melt, and the blonde nodded happily.


“And if you are ready, then so am I.”


“I want you to be mine. I waited to know if you felt the same way, I just didn’t want to scare you away. And now that I know you do, I want to know you so much more.”


Callie stroked Arizona’s cheek softly with her thumb and watched the familiar dimples appear.


Arizona smiled sexily and pressed her forehead to Callie’s, once again hearing Callie’s breath hitch at their close contact. Now that they were on the same page, she could have some more fun.


She teased Callie slowly, deliberately, by breathing onto her parted lips slowly. The brunette felt a fire ignite deep within her and she moved towards Arizona, ready to feel her lips on her own.


Arizona let Callie get so close, close enough to almost touch, but pulled back quickly and smiled deviously, leaving Callie breathing hard.


The blonde let her eyes travel to Callie’s chest heaving up and down and she started to explore the Latina's body with her hands again, moving them seductively to Callie’s stomach.


Callie realized what Arizona was doing and decided to join in, her own hands moving away from Arizona’s face and down her smooth neck, tracing small patterns on her skin.


After a few minutes of touch flirting, Callie moved towards the edge of the pool to get out, afraid to let things get too out of hand. But she was stopped suddenly by Arizona’s arms sneaking from behind her to wrap around her stomach. Callie felt the fire in her core again and this time it was growing more intense. And when Arizona pressed herself against Callie’s backside, the only thought in her mind was 'Oh, God I want her so bad.'


And she tried so hard to resist the overwhelming urge to kiss Arizona until they couldn’t breathe before she found herself being spun around to meet Arizona’s eyes, darkened by desire.


Arizona had a hunger showing in her eyes that Callie wanted to see her act on, feeling that look was reflecting the fire that was burning brilliantly in her.


The blonde pushed Callie forcefully, but carefully against the pool wall and pressed herself hard into Callie. This new kind of flirting was turning her on and she needed to feel Callie, to make the the girl very aware of how much she was captivated by her.


Her chest pressed against Callie’s, her bare stomach molding against the Latina's. It felt so right, so sensual and she couldn’t stop herself as her lips pressed against Callie’s collarbone.


Callie moaned softly at the contact and she wanted more. She was so happy that Arizona wanted her, and she didn’t mind getting a little taste of what could be all hers if their relationship ever made it that far. So Callie let it happen, innocent touches becoming sexy as Arizona moved her lips over Callie’s neck and up to her ear once again.


“You're dangerous Arizona.” Callie whispered huskily, obvious desire in her voice, but not wanting to make it more than innocent.


Arizona giggled. Her daydreams were a reality now. Callie wanted her and she wanted Callie and she needed the girl to know that she was more than willing to be with her, so here they were. She loved flirting sweetly with Callie, but a little sexiness wouldn’t hurt right?


“You know you like it.” Arizona whispered into Callie’s ear and winked suggestively, Callie nodding in return.


She couldn’t believe how good it felt to finally have Arizona know the truth. And now they could be together because they both wanted it. Now all she had to do was enjoy it and Arizona was making it a little too enjoyable right now.


Arizona’s frenzied kissed on her neck slowed from sexy to sweet and she once again brought her face close to Callie’s and smiled sweetly, watching Callie’s flushed face light up and she knew this was it.


This was everything she wanted and she leaned in close to Callie, their lips only a breath apart...


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