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A New Beginning (Chapter 12)

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


A/N: Man, I hope you guys like this because for some reason this one took a lot out of me. But hopefully it's all worth it :)

Let me know what you think my loves <3


Chapter 12


Callie invited Addison over early to help her prepare for the get together that would take place in just a few hours. It wasn’t going to be anything outstanding as it was only her, Addison, Daniel, and Arizona. For once Callie was grateful that her parents were gone so often. This weekend they flew to Miami to visit some relatives for the week, and Aria had gone with them, happy to miss a week of school.


Callie was excited to have the house to herself and she planned to start it off right by having her friends over to hang out and swim.


She had never been proud of her family's money because she didn’t want it to buy her friends, but she was glad to have luxuries like the extremely nice pool area in the backyard. It was an awesome place to hang out when her friends were over. And she couldn’t wait to have some fun tonight.


As Callie and Addison prepared the kitchen for Callie to cook, Callie’s phone buzzed.


'Can't wait to see u soon! I’m super excited ;) '


“Is she doing better today?” Addison asked, knowing who it was that texted Callie.


“Looks like it. She never did tell me what was wrong. But oh well, I’m just glad she's happy now. I can't stand seeing her sad like that.” Callie’s voice trailed off as if she were talking to herself.


Addison handed Callie a pan for the food and smiled.


“Callie, you are Arizona are...good for each other. All that flirting, yeah, you two definitely get along well. A little too well.”


Addison took to chopping some onions and look sideways to Callie.


“Are you ever going to tell her, Cal?”


Callie sighed and put some chicken into the pan on the stove.


“Yeah, I just don’t know how to. What if she is just flirting for fun?”


Addison looked skeptical.


“Cal, are you blind?! That girl obviously isn’t flirting just for the fun of it. I mean, I’m sure she has fun doing it, because you flirt right back, but...she is taken by you Callie. The way she looks at you says it all. You make her happy Callie. And she'd be stupid not to go for you.”


Addison sighed and looked down at the onions.


“And don’t want to lose her. You have this wonderful opportunity to get to know her so much more. You two would have an awesome time together because it's obvious that you both like each other. But if you don’t let her know how you feel soon, then you might run out of time. And you will regret it Callie. So if you really like her...”


Callie stopped and looked up at Addison, waiting for her to finish.


“Then you have to let her know.”


Addison was right. Callie didn’t want Arizona to get away. She deserved to know, but for now Callie would just enjoy being with her as a friend. She wasn’t going to rush into things until she was completely ready. She didn’t know how to tell Arizona how she really felt about her. She would have to wait for the perfect opportunity because as much as she wanted Arizona to know, she was afraid of scaring her away. She was afraid of ruining the amazing relationship that she and Arizona already had. Yes, she felt like Arizona was interested in her too, but she wasn’t ready to be hurt again.


“I know Addie. I know. I'll tel her when the time is right. Things are just so easy, so comfortable with her and I don’t want to ruin that.”


The two friends cooked silently for several minutes before Callie spoke again.


“What about you and Daniel? Are you going to tell him that you are 'so in love with him'?”


Callie made googly eyes at the last few words and Addison scoffed.


“I am not in love with him. I am...” Addison waved her knife around in the air searching for the proper term.


“I'm madly in like with him.”


She raised her eyebrows, satisfied by her answer and Callie laughed.


“You two are cute together Addie. He's all cute and happy and you are-” Callie shrugged.


“Well, you are”


Addison raised the knife she was holding to point it a Callie. Waving the knife around playfully, she raised an eyebrow in mock warning.


“What's that supposed to mean, huh?”


Addison and Callie joked back and forth about their possible love interests until lunch was ready and the doorbell rang.


Callie hurried to the door with an expectant look on her face, and flung it open to reveal a smiling Daniel Robbins. She moved to give him a hug, but was stopped by Arizona stepping in front of him, placing herself between Callie and her brother. With a sly grin, Arizona scolded Callie playfully.


“Calliope Torres, I know you weren't about to give away my hug.”


Daniel saw Addison and took this opportunity to walk around the two girls and into the house to hug the stunning red-head.


Callie grinned and crossed her arms over her chest.


“Oh, your hug? And why do you think that you deserve the first hug?”


Arizona cocked her head to the side and winked, taking a step closer to Callie, her face mere inches from the Latina's, enjoying the blush that spread across Callie’s cheeks at their close proximity.


“Well, don’t you think that I deserve it? Would you really choose anyone else over me?”


Arizona slipped her arms discretely around Callie’s waist and loved the way Callie melted at her touch.


Callie almost gave into Arizona’s obvious flirting, but managed to turn her back to the blonde, effectively releasing her arms from her waist.


“You never know.”


Arizona looked surprised and hurt at Callie’s sudden rejection until Callie looked back over her shoulder and winked seductively.


The blonde's face lit up at the realization that Callie was playing hard to get. The fun never ended with her.


She followed Callie into the house where she was instantly hit with the smell of lunch. It smelled delicious and Arizona blushed as her stomach growled in response.


Thankfully, Callie suggested that they eat lunch before they started to do anything else.


Arizona sat across from Callie and was completely distracted by the daydreams forming themselves from the sight of Callie’s red bikini top strap that showed under her shirt. She suddenly couldn’t focus on anything except the thought of seeing Callie in the bikini.


When she realized that all conversation had ceased, she was brought back to reality. Everyone was staring at her and she desperately tried to remember what someone had obviously just asked her.


'Crap Arizona. Stop looking at her bikini. That cannot be good for you.'


“Arizona?” she looked up to see Callie smiling at her, obviously amused at catching her in a daydream.


“Sorry, I...I didn’t hear what you said.” she smiled apologetically.


“I asked if everyone was ready to get in the pool.” Callie chucked and Daniel couldn’t help but to laugh at his sister's reply. He knew exactly what she had been staring at.


“Yes, yes of course!”


'I am more than ready.'


everyone got up from their seats, their hunger satisfied.


“Thanks for lunch Callie. It was awesome.” Daniel grinned.


“No problem. I've been known to make a mean chicken piccata every now and then.” Callie replied happily.


As they moved to the pool in the backyard, Arizona couldn’t keep her thoughts away from Callie and her bikini.


Addison and Daniel had run ahead of her and were already splashing each other playfully in the pool.


Arizona took a spot on one of the lounge chairs to pull her clothes off, revealing a small blue bikini.


Callie pretended not to notice how the blue matched Arizona’s eyes and how the clothing revealed more of her than she had ever seen. Her body was perfect, curving in the right places, her skin so smooth like porcelain. Arizona was shyly standing to head towards the pool and Callie turned away, starting to remove her own clothes slowly.


Arizona watched longingly, stopped in her tracks as Callie revealed her toned legs and tanned thighs as she slid her shorts down.


'Stop staring Arizona.'


The blonde felt her jaw drop at the next thing she witnessed, her daydreams finally coming to life.


Callie was slowly, agonizingly slowly, pulling her shirt up over her stomach. Arizona blinked once and tried to look away, but she couldn’t. Callie was making it impossible to her to look away, and Arizona felt that soon it would be impossible for her to stand up anymore.


Her attention was completely captivated by the beautiful Latina before her.


'Oh, God, oh, God!'


Arizona thought she would die when Callie lifted her shirt over her head and freed herself of the piece of clothing that had previously hidden her bikini top and Arizona couldn’t breathe.


'She's gorgeous.'


Arizona had always thought Callie was gorgeous, but as she stood here before her, Arizona came to realize that a half-naked Calliope was even more seductive than a fully dressed Calliope. That was going to be sooo dangerous...


Arizona knew she was staring a little too obviously at Callie, but she couldn’t help it. And right now she didn’t care. She was not about to miss out on the fabrication of her daydreams.


And Callie played along, knowing Arizona would watch her undress. There was nothing wrong with giving her a little taste of what she could have, right?


Arizona finally forced herself to look away and walked shakily towards the water.


Daniel and Addison had watched the whole thing and both of them watched with laughter as Arizona came closer to them, her shaky movements giving her away. She was completely blown away by Callie’s little tease and they both could see it.


Daniel wiggled his eyebrows at his sister as she stood on the edge of the pool, getting ready to ease herself into the cold water. She hated getting into a cold pool and she always took the time to adjust to it slowly to avoid feeling like she would freeze to death.


Addison tried and failed to suppress a laugh at what she saw coming. But Arizona didn’t have time to react before warm arms captured her waist from behind and she found herself flying into the pool.


Coming up from under the water, shocked by the cold, Arizona took a deep breath of air, surprise creasing her face.


'What the hell just happened?!'


The strong arms that had previously held her had let go, and she saw Callie laughing outrageously at her surprised expression.


“Calliope Torres!” Arizona shouted, pulling wet strands of hair away from her face.


Addison swam quickly over to Arizona and whispered something in her ear as Callie swam to the other end of the pool, safely out of reach of Arizona.


She watched a pleased smile spread threateningly over Arizona’s wet face and she suddenly became afraid of why she was smiling like that.


'What did Addison say to her?'


Arizona started to swim towards her and Callie narrowed her eyes.


“Calliope Iphigenia Torres.”


Callie’s face dropped, much to Arizona’s happiness, as she shot Addison a look of warning.


'Oh, no she didn’t.'


Addison snickered and hid behind Daniel to avoid the daggers shooting from Callie’s eyes.


Arizona smiled slyly and continued her slow journey towards a very agitated looking Latina.




Callie was frozen in place, horrified that Arizona was now very aware of her middle name, a name that she tried so hard to keep secret. And now the little perky blonde was using it against her.


She watched Arizona glide easily through the water and her fluid movements started to distract her.


Eventually Arizona came to a stop directly in front of her and stood with her arms crossed over her chest and her head tilted sideways with the same sly grin. She knew that she had hit a weak spot on Callie and she was thrilled at the power of knowing her full name. Secretly she thought it was beautiful and very fitting, but she would use it to her advantage for a while.


“You think you can get away with that little stunt you just pulled?” Arizona laced her voice with challenge and sexiness, making Callie raise her eyebrows.


“And what are you going to do about it, Miss Robbins?”


Daniel watched the scene with great amusement. He knew his sister...she wasn’t a fighter. She hated fighting and he knew her well enough to know what was coming next.


Callie was expecting a witty answer from the blonde, but instead she received an unexpected answer.


“Chicken fight.”


“Um, what?” Callie looked around to see Daniel smiling widely. It was just as he expected.


“You, me, chicken fighting it out.”


Callie laughed heartily until she realized that Arizona was completely serious and she shrugged.


“Alright. Bring it on, bright eyes. I’m a Torres, and a Torres is hard to beat.”


Arizona scoffed at Callie’s confidence.


“Well, then I intend to beat you very well, or go down fighting.” Arizona winked and Callie gave her a crooked smile.


Both girl's climbed onto their partner's shoulders, Arizona on Daniel's and Callie on Addison's.


Arizona tried to put on a convincing battle face and cracked her knuckles to which Callie responded with a fake scared face.


With that, Daniel stepped closer to Addison and yelled “GO!”


Callie grabbed onto Arizona’s small shoulders and pushed against her, trying to knock her from her brother's shoulders. But Arizona pushed back harder, determined to win.


After a few more pushes, Addison lost her balance and stumbled backwards, dropping Callie into the water.


Arizona pumped her fists in the air victoriously as Callie emerged from the water, her face streaked with dark hair.


Daniel let his sister down easily and she swam to Callie with a cute smile. Callie pouted and Arizona carefully moved a strand of Callie’s hair from off of her face and tucked it behind her ear. The brunette relaxed at Arizona’s touch and closed her eyes as a soft hand stroked her cheek.


“Defeat looks good on you, Calliope.”


Callie wanted to disagree, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Arizona’s breath was cool on her wet skin and she couldn’t form any coherent words.


Before Callie had the chance to respond, Arizona was distracted by the large water slide at the end of the pool. Her eyes shone with excitement and she gestured at the inviting slide.


“Calliope, let's slide together.”


Arizona pulled Callie out of the pool, their hands locked together. As Arizona climbed the ladder to the top of the slide, Callie was thankful for being able to go second. From down below she had an amazing view of Arizona’s backside. She stared hard, trying not to drool and slowly made her way up the slide.


When she reached the top, Arizona was waiting excitedly.


“Sit behind me and wrap your arms around my waist Calliope.”


That was music to Callie’s ears. Arizona was telling Callie to touch her, to hold her close, and there was no way that she was about to reject that demand.


Callie did as she was told, her legs spread to fit around Arizona’s, her front pressed to Arizona’s back. Callie gasped at the feel of herself pressed up against Arizona and she felt Arizona freeze. At least she wasn’t the only one feeling that way.


“Okay,” Arizona lowered her voice and fought to steady her words. “Now, wrap your arms around my stomach.”


Arizona gasped as Callie’s hands met her wet stomach and Callie flinched. She certainly hoped that Callie was enjoying this as much as she was.


“Now hold on tight. We are gonna go in together.”


Callie nodded and rested her chin on Arizona’s shoulder, her face coming intoxicatingly close to Arizona’s. The blonde turned her head ever so slightly and her lips brushed Callie’s cheek accidentally, causing them both to gasp with pleasure, but neither of them turning away.


“Don't let go Calliope.” Arizona whispered into Callie’s cheek and Callie nodded.


She definitely wasn’t going to let go now...or ever...she wanted to hold Arizona this close forever.


Arizona shook away the shock of Callie’s touch on her stomach and her lips and pushed off the side of the slide, sending the two of them down the curve and into the water. When they emerged, Callie still had her arms around Arizona’s stomach.


“You told me not to let go.” Callie giggled sexily and Arizona nodded.


“And I’m glad you didn’t.”


Daniel watched from the other end of the pool and shared a look of excitement with Addison. Things were going so great.


The four friends played around in the pool, talked animatedly, or swam around lazily until the sun started to go down and started to cast an orange glow on everything around them.


Arizona eventually got tired of wading through the water and decided to lay out on the side of the pool and stare up at the sunset. She was delighted when Callie joined her, laying down next to her and resting her arms above her head. She was so exposed and Arizona couldn’t help but to stare at her body again.


Callie laid still while Arizona admired her body and it excited her that for once, someone was looking at her with such admiration. It felt amazing. She watched Arizona’s eyes reflect the setting sun and she sighed. This felt right. This felt like everything would be okay, and she needed to talk to Arizona. But she couldn’t. So instead, she started small.


“Arizona...” Callie spoke softly.


“Have you ever been in love?”


Arizona thought before answering. “I have loved so many people, yes. But I can say that I have never been in love. I think it take a special kind of person to make me fall in love with them. And I want it to be a love like no other, a love that takes my breath away and leaves me always wanting more.”


Callie felt a tug in her heart. She wanted to be that one special person that made Arizona fall in love with her.


Arizona turned her head to Callie and asked, “What about you? Have you ever been in love?”


Callie frowned at the thought. “I thought I was in love. With George. And what we was love. But...I wasn’t in love with him. I wanted to believe that we were, and I even tried convincing myself that I was really in love with him, but I wasn’t. I was just lying to myself. And that's not love. No, love has to be more than that.”


Callie took a deep breath and met Arizona’s eyes.


“It takes two people. And I want to be in love with someone who is truly in love with me. And someone who accepts me for who I am, not for who they want me to be.”


Arizona smiled. “ truly are amazing. And don’t you ever change for anyone. You are perfect just the way you are. And people really like you. I mean, some of them really like you.” Arizona hinted at her attraction, trying to keep the conversation innocent enough to let Callie make her own assumptions.


Callie smiled in return and felt like her heart was going to burst.


“You really think so?”


“I really know so. And will have people lining up for you.” Arizona nodded in affirmation.


Callie giggled. “You wanna give me some names?”


Arizona just grinned and winked, leaving Callie to interpret that as she saw fit. And just as Callie’s face turned serious with realization and she opened her mouth to respond, Daniel threw water onto both girls, causing them to jump up and scream in shock.


Addison laughed at Daniel's antics and ran over to the girls, unaware that she had interrupted an important discussion.


“Let's go in and get some dinner. It's getting dark.”


Callie followed everyone back into the house to order pizza and stared after Arizona. This was real. Arizona was real. And she had a feeling that the blonde haired, blue-eyed, perky Arizona Robbins was fighting to be first in that line to have a chance with her.









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