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A New Beginning (Chapter 10)

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


A/N: Okay, so I struggled with this chapter and the order of how some things should happen later on, so I hope it isn’t too awful.

Tell me what you think my loves <3


Chapter 10


Callie flopped onto her bed and didn’t bother to hide the smile radiating from her heart. Today had been amazing. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the memories of today as they replayed themselves.


She was proud that she had been able to convince Arizona to ride the roller coaster with her, even if she did use flirting a little bit unfairly to get her way. But hey, she wasn’t only flirting to convince Arizona to get on the ride. No, she was flirting because she wanted to. The thrill she got from the way Arizona’s eyes lit up when she whispered in her ear was more than enough reassurance to keep her going. And she only got more confident as the day went on and Arizona openly returned her flirting.


Then there was Daniel. He was an amazing guy to be around and Callie was sad that she would have to tell him goodbye so soon after getting to know him. His charming personality and infectious happiness, obviously a Robbins trademark, made him so easy to be around. But she noticed him and Addison talking quite a bit, always glancing in her and Arizona’s direction like they were up to something.


Callie’s heart suddenly flipped and she ran into her bathroom where Addison was showering.


“Uh, Callie...I really hope that's you out there.”


Callie ripped open the shower curtain and Addison screamed, frantically covering herself with her hands.


“Callie, I know you are into this kind of thing now, but, um, I’m not.” Addison shook her head earnestly at being nakedly exposed to Callie.


“Daniel.” Callie said simply, but with warning in her voice.


Addison furrowed her eyebrows and shifted uncomfortably under Callie’s accusatory stare.


“Uh, what are you talk-”


Callie tapped her foot impatiently and crossed her arms over her chest.


“What did you tell Daniel?!”


Addison feigned innocence and hurriedly pulled the shower curtain closed.


“I have no idea what you are talking about.”


Callie hopped onto the bathroom counter and crossed her legs, prepared to wait until Addison told the truth.


“Addison Montgomery,” Callie scolded.


“Did you tell that boy about me?”


Addison thought quickly as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair.


“Of course. I just told him how awesome and nice and...non-violent you are.”


Callie rolled her eyes at Addison's attempt to answer the question obscurely.


“That's not what I meant Addie.”




“Addison, did you tell him anything about me liking Arizona?”


Addison knew there would be no escaping the question at this point.


“Um, well I didn’t exactly- I may have mentioned that-”


“Addison! Just tell me what you said to him!” Callie was getting impatient.


“I told him that you had broken it off with George and that you wanted to maybe...try something new.”


Callie frowned deeply and glared at the shower curtain.


“You told him I am gay?!”


Addison shrugged, forgetting Callie couldn’t see her.


“Well, not exactly. But I may have let him know that you were...well, that you might be interested.”


Callie hung her head in disbelief. This is not how she needed things to go. Daniel shouldn’t have known about her. Now it would be awkward and if he told Arizona what he had heard...


Why in the world would you tell him that?! Do you know how horrified he must be to hear that a girl likes his sister?!”


Addison mumbled under her breath and laughed quietly.


“You think that it's funny? Really?” Callie huffed.


Addison smiled slyly. Callie didn’t need to know the whole truth...she could make it fun.


“He just blew it off actually. He didn’t really seem to care.”


Callie’s mind starting racing through several thoughts at once.


Daniel knows she likes Arizona, sort of.

He didn’t freak out...good?

But he didn’t care? Why would he not care? That's news that a brother wouldn’t take very lightly. Either he was okay with it, or he pretended to be okay with it until he could warn Arizona.


Callie’s eyes widened with realization and she came close to ripping the shower curtain open again.


If Daniel didn’t care, then why did she catch him smiling at her and Arizona so often. He had been okay knowing that she was flirting with his sister. What did he know that she didn’t?


Oh, no, no he cared. Addison was lying.


Before Callie could reveal this to Addison, the red-heads arm shot out from the shower.


“Could you hand me a towel please?”


“Not until you tell me the truth.”


Addison shut the shower off and sighed.


“Give me a towel and I'll tell you.”


Callie warily placed a towel in Addison's outstretched hand and waited for an explanation.


“Well, let's just say that you may have a very good chance with Arizona.”


Callie waited for more, and hearing Callie’s silence, Addison appeared from the shower with a towel wrapped around her.


“That's it.”


Callie shook her head.


“What? That's it? What does that even mean?”


“I don’t know. I told you everything I know.” Addison hoped desperately that Callie would believe her lie, or her and Daniel's plan would never work.


Aware that Callie wasn’t buying her bluff, she changed the subject.


“So, I’m supposed to head home tomorrow when you leave for school.”


Callie forgot her anger about Daniel and frowned. This was going to be really difficult without Addison here to help her through everything. She hadn’t even gotten close to getting Arizona and she needed Addison's support if she was going to make it happen.


“Aww, Addie. I really wish you could stay a little longer.”


Addison brushed her hair in the mirror, focusing on keeping a straight face for a few more minutes.


“Callie, I cant. I don’t think I would make it here. There's too many bad memories here.”


“But you have more good times than bad here, Addie. And we could make new memories. Its senior year.” Callie started at her best friend with a hopeful look.


“Please Addison? I need you.”


Addison sighed dramatically and shrugged, excited at the news she was about to give Callie.


“Well...I guess if you really need me and we can start over, then...maybe I'll stay. I mean, after this weekend, I can think of a few reasons to stay here.”


Callie’s face lit up at her friend's words and she jumped from the counter to hug Addison happily.


“That's so awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have just made me the happiest person in the world.”


Addison snickered. “No, I’m pretty sure that's Arizona’s job.”


Callie rolled her eyes. “You can come with me tomorrow and register and-”


“Already taken care of. I went by the school during my Pop-Tart run the other day.”


Callie grinned from ear to ear. This was going to make things so much easier.


Addison finished combing her hair happily and Callie left to lay on her bed and think about how much better it was going to be with Addison back.


Addison soon joined Callie on the bed and they talked for a while about their day and about what the week would hold. Eventually both girls fell asleep content, each dreaming about a blue-eyed Robbins sibling.




When Addison and Callie stepped out from the car at school the next morning, several friends rushed over, surprised at seeing Addison again.


After many welcome back hugs, Addison caught Mark Sloan's attention. He hadn’t seen her since before summer break, since the day she found out that he was unfaithful. He was having a hard time believing that he was really seeing her stand there looking happy to be back. But there she was, socializing with friends as if she had never gone away. She was as stunning as ever and he felt a pang of regret for hurting her.


Callie quietly made her way away from her friends and towards a very confused Mark Sloan. She laid a hand gently on his shoulder as his sad eyes met hers.


“What is she doing back? I thought she moved away.”


Callie shrugged innocently, not wanting to admit to Mark that she was part of the reason that Addison had decided to stay.


“She wanted to come back. It's not easy leaving everything you know and love behind.”


Mark winced when Addison looked over at him. He had been in love with her. But he made a terrible mistake, one that he knew he could never be forgiven for.


So he would suck it up. He was over her and clearly she was done crying over him, seeing as how she was back and looking like nothing had ever happened.


Callie let out an excited laugh as a familiar blue car pulled up and the passenger door opened to reveal the object of her previous night's dreams. Long, lean legs caught Callie’s eye first and then traveled up Arizona’s body to eventually rest on her smiling face. She was so perfect.


Mark watched in amusement and interest upon seeing the two girls exchange flirty smiles. His mind traveled back to the way the two had danced together at his party. That wasn’t just the usual friendly dance, no it was more than that. Those two had something going on. He raised his eyebrows as Arizona winked at Callie and his smile got bigger. Oh, yeah. He was going to have to grill Callie about this later.


“Hey, Addison!” A voice called from the car and Mark's smile faded as he watched Addison flirt genuinely with the driver of the car.


“Who is that guy?”


Callie grinned, still not taking her eyes off of Arizona as she walked towards her seductively.


“Oh, you mean Daniel? That's Arizona’s brother. He's awesome.”


Callie waved to Daniel as he drove off, leaving Mark to glare disdainfully at the car.


“I don’t like him.”


Callie picked up on the hostility in his voice and knew that it was because of Addison.


“Mark, you don’t even know him.”


“I still don’t like him,” Mark replied gruffly.


Callie ignored Mark's jealous comments and pulled Arizona into a close hug when she reached them. As she broke away, her nose brushed the blonde's hair lightly and allowed her a dizzying whiff of Arizona’s shampoo. Strawberries. Callie’s head spun with the enticing smell of Arizona and she grinned stupidly.


Arizona looked on with confusion and a slow smile spread over her face.


“Um, well, good morning Calliopeeee.” Arizona drew out Callie’s name slowly and it only furthured Callie’s fascination with her at the moment.


“Uh, yeah, good morning Arizona.”


'Does she really know how good she is at flirting?'


As the bell rang to start the school day Arizona locked arms with Callie and with Addison beside them they made their way to homeroom, Mark Sloan walking curiously behind them, far enough to observe Callie and Arizona, while at the same time ignoring Addison.


Homeroom was uncomfortable for everyone as Callie and Arizona talked, trying to ignore the obvious tension between Mark and Addison. Eventually they made small talk and Mark tried to avoid showing the pain that he was feeling at having Addison back here.


When the bell finally rung, Arizona and Callie made a quick escape with arms locked and left Mark and Addison to walk to class together. Callie knew she should have helped Addison, but she needed to confront her feelings for Mark and make sure that the flame they once held was distinguished. So she left them alone, waiting with Arizona in class for them to arrive. This was going to be a long day.


At lunch Arizona was seated across from Callie once again, much to Callie’s liking so she could steal quick glances at the blonde when she wasn’t looking.


As she bit in an apple she almost choked when she felt a smooth leg touching hers, beginning to travel up her leg slowly. She looked up quickly to question Arizona with her eyes, but Arizona was looking away, chatting animatedly with Teddy Altman. Callie looked over to Addison, seated to the left of Arizona, and Addison shrugged at seeing the confused expression on her friend's face.




Callie jerked her head sideways at Arizona and Addison looked over at the blonde, wondering what Callie was freaking out about. When she noticed Arizona’s leg was touching Callie’s her eyes widened and she shook with quiet laughter. Go Callie!


Callie rolled her eyes then closing them to focus on the feel of Arizona’s leg on hers.


'Does she know what she is doing to me? She is killing me slowly...'


Arizona let out a soft giggle and Callie opened her eyes to see Arizona winking at her. Callie was excited that Arizona was being flirty first, it gave her reason to flirt back, and now that she knew Arizona was doing it on purpose, she was going to get her back for this...and she was going to enjoy it.


Mark leaned over and whispered into Callie’s ear casually.


“You wanna tell me why you are making googly eyes at Blondie?”


Callie shook her head.


“I have no idea what you are talking about Sloan.”


Mark rolled his eyes.


“Like hell you don't. She's hot Callie. And she has the hots for you...don't blow it.”


Callie couldn’t believe Mark was saying this. He must figure that she is flirting with Arizona a little too much to be considered friendly, and she would be lying if she said he was wrong.


She knew it was slowly pushing past friendly boundaries, and she was ready for it this time. She wanted it...




Today was the first lab assignment in Chemistry and Callie was excited. She was a sucker for awesome experiments. Today they would be playing with the effects of acid on different objects...burning stuff...awesome.


Arizona watched Callie set up the lab area and pulled her hair into a loose ponytail to allow room for her safety glasses. Oh, how she hated the safety glasses that they were required to wear.


When Callie saw Arizona wearing the glasses she giggled.


“Oh, what? I know they aren’t attractive or anything, but you have to wear them too.”


Callie nodded and put her own glasses on, smiling and reaching out to Arizona.


“Yes, but yours...” Callie adjusted Arizona’s glasses on her nose and made sure to brush a finger down Arizona’s cheek while doing so.


“Yours were crooked.”


Arizona blushed at Callie’s touch. She was flirting again. Of course. And she was excited that Callie had fired back.


Callie continued setting up the lab and grinned.


“And for the record...those are very attractive on you.”


Arizona blushed once more and started preparing the first object for it's 'death by acid.'


As she held the small tube of acid, her hand started to shake, trying to release the acid slowly onto the object, only one small drop at a time.


Watching Arizona struggle with a simple task thrilled Callie. It meant her flirting was working, and she loved it.


Glancing around at the other groups doing the lab to be sure the coast was clear, Callie stepped closely behind Arizona and slowly ran her hand down Arizona’s arm, resting her hand atop Arizona’s to steady her shaking hand.


Arizona let out an audible gasp and it was music to Callie’s ears.


'Ha, that's what you get.'


Arizona’s lips parted to take in a shaky breath and as Callie’s breath tickled her ear, she thought she would faint.


“Two can play at this game, Arizona Robbins.”


Callie pulled her hand from Arizona’s and pretended as if nothing happened, leaving Arizona wanting more. She was such a tease.


For the rest of the class, Arizona made it a point to touch Callie in the simplest ways, brushing her hand over Callie’s 'accidentally', or touching Callie’s shoulder when she would make a joke, flashing her dimples very often, knowing the effect it had on Callie. This was going so well and Arizona started to become more confident that maybe Daniel was right. Maybe she had a chance with Callie after all, and if she flashed her smile enough, maybe Callie would come to the other side of the rainbow. She chuckled softly at the words Daniel had used to describe her smile last night.


After school, the two friends said their goodbyes, both pleased with their flirting and went home to tell their partners in crime about their day.


Addison giggled at Callie’s happy stories of her flirting with Arizona. She was proud of her best friend. She was giving herself a chance to be happy with someone, someone who Addison believed deserved Callie. Arizona had turned out to be a pretty cool girl and Addison was officially all on board to get them two together, along with Daniel of course.


Arizona discussed her day with her brother and Daniel beamed proudly at his sister.


“See, what did I tell you about that smile of yours? You'll have Callie won over in no time, Zona. If she's as interested as she seems, you two will be together before you know it.”


Arizona smiled at her brother. “Yeah, but I don’t want to rush it. If Callie really does like me, then it's all new to her. I’m afraid of newborns, Daniel.”


She had explained to Daniel the situation that happened in Florida and he understood why she was hesitant.


“Zona, I think Callie really likes you. And that's worth giving a shot. If she wants you badly enough, she will readjust to who she's becoming.”


Daniel smiled reassuringly at his sister.


“And for what it's worth, I really think that she likes you.”




The rest of the week was full of flirting and everyone noticed. Mark had started to catch on, even though Callie wouldn’t admit that anything was going on. Even George had noticed Callie and Arizona’s comfortable closeness and he ignored it, sitting with Izzie at a different table for the first time in four years.


Callie and Arizona had become increasingly closer with every day, both flirting mercilessly. Late night texting sprees became a regular routine for the friends as they never wanted to stop talking to each other, and most of the texts involved several winky faces at the end. Someone was going to cave first from all the flirting, but neither girl wanted to be the one.


As Callie woke up excited to see Arizona smiling at her as soon as she would arrive at school every morning, Friday was different.


On Friday there was no dimpled smile, only sad attempts to smile, that never seemed to succeed. Callie tried flirting, but Arizona wasn’t playing that day. Something was wrong and it hurt Callie to see Arizona so sad and out of element. When Arizona decided to leave at lunch, Callie was devastated. Not only would she not have her lab partner in Chemistry, but she wouldn’t get to find out what was bothering Arizona. She felt lost and she almost followed Arizona, but decided to let the girl have her space.


After school Callie made a trip to Kripsy Kreme and bought a dozen donuts, half of them decorated with rainbow sprinkles. The irony was not lost on Callie as she placed a note on the box and left them on Arizona’s doorstep.


When Daniel came home from picking his and Arizona’s dinner up from the Chinese place, he noticed the box sitting in front of the door and carried it in to Arizona, who was sitting on her bed biting her nails, tears silently rolling down her flushed cheeks. She was scared of what was going to happen tomorrow and Daniel knew she needed comforting. She couldn’t back down now and he needed to remind her of the reason she needed to do what she was so afraid of doing now.


He offered the box of donuts to Arizona and she thanked him.


Daniel shook his head to indicate that they weren't from him and Arizona quietly read the note attached to the box.


Arizona, I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to see you after school, but I thought you might need some space. I hope these help. I’m thinking of you. -Calliope


Daniel knew who they were from by the sad smile that spread over Arizona’s face. His heart clenched at the thought of Arizona letting Callie get away. Callie cared for her, and Daniel could see that plainly. His sister deserved Callie and he knew that she would need her once he left.




Arizona met Daniel's eyes and he gave her a warm hug.


“I think you need to talk to her soon.”

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