A Life Worth Living-Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

Callie shuffled around the apartment, retrieving stray items from the closet to put in her and the baby’s room. She wanted so badly to give her son a room of his own, but she new it was best to keep his crib in her room until he was older and she could move out of Mark’s apartment. Earlier that morning Mark had finished putting the crib together and now they needed to put the finishing touches on her son’s makeshift room. A plastic mobile with dangling stars hung above the crib, blue and silver to match the crib bedding. After much debate in the middle of the baby superstore, Callie had finally decided on a soft, dark blue and white plaid bedding for the mahogany crib. A small changing table rested against the opposite wall, her double bed separating it from the crib. Mark had insisted on buying a small, brown bear for the baby and was pleased to see her placing it in the corner of the crib as he walked into her room.

“All set for the little man?”

Callie turned to smile at Mark and nodded softly.

“I think so,” she sighed and then sat on her bed, Mark following her, stretching out beside her. They both laid in silence for a few moments, each contemplating the future and reflecting on the past.

After 9 long and cranky months of pregnancy, Callie was due tomorrow. But so far the little guy showed no indication of being in any hurry to make his way into the world.
Each month brought a new challenge, a new thing to look forward to and she and Mark had braved it together. She giggled softly thinking about how much Mark really did have to endure for the better part of the year.

“Mark...” Callie leaned over her friend, his sleeping form barely visible under the mess of covers in his bed. “Mark…” She whispered a little more insistently. Deciding that he wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon, she poked his shoulder softly. Receiving no response from her friend she weighed her options. She didn’t want to go back to sleep yet so she needed him to be awake…now.

“MARK! Look at that sexy woman walking across the room! She wants you!”

Mark shot up from under his covers and looked around wildly and Callie snickered quietly as she watched his face fall when he realized he must have been dreaming.

“Where’s they sexy woman?” Mark pouted and Callie shrugged then pointed to herself.

“Right here, of course.”

“Cal,” Mark shook his head. “I know its been a long time since you’ve been laid, but its” he glanced over at the alarm clock. “2 am. So go back to sleep.”

Crossing her arms over her chest, Callie frowned down at Mark. That’s not what I want, Sloan. You only wish I wanted you. Besides…it must suck to see all of this,” Callie swayed her hips for good measure. She was pregnant, yes, but she knew she was still sexy. “And know that you can’t have it because I go the other way.”

Mark made a face and laid back down, sticking his tongue out like a child.

“Mark really though I need you.” Callie spoke loudly, her urge becoming more insistent and not showing any signs of letting up.

He shot back up out of his bed and gave her a suggestive smile. “Then hop on into the bed so I can show you the Sloan Method.”

Mark really was a great guy, but he can still be such a whore when he wanted to be. This caused Callie to laugh a little then frown.

“I already told you that’s not what I want.”

“Then what is it, Cal,” Mark’s face suddenly went rigid with worry. “It’s not the baby is it? Is he okay? Are you alright?”

The worry that was evident on her friend’s face made Callie feel nothing but love and respect for Mark and she found herself grateful for the millionth time that she had him.

“No, everything is okay. Well, it sort of is. I actually…ummm…I need a favor.”

Mark waited for the woman’s request and rubbed his sleepy eyes.

“I need you to run to the store.”

“At 2 am? What in the world for?” Mark loved his sleep and as much as he loved Callie, he was not readily willing to get out of bed to go to the store at ungodly hours of the morning.

“For um…” Callie blushed and ran a hand through her hair. “Brownies and mustard.”

She watched as Mark twisted his face in disgust. “Are you serious. Torres?”

Blushing, Callie nodded and spoke sheepishly. “Um, yes. I know its weird, but I’m craving that really badly right now and I can’t sleep until I have it.” She heard the soft whine in her voice and knew that maybe she was being irrational about having to eat those foods at this particular moment, but she couldn’t avoid it, it was all her body’s fault.

Mark groaned and scratched his head. “Alright, Callie. Just this once though, this is hurting my beauty sleep.”

Callie laughed light heartedly and kissed his temple. “Thank you so much.”

With that she waited impatiently until Mark came back to the apartment with a bag full of store-bought brownies and two bottles of mustard.

She drenched the fudgy goodness with the bitter, yellow condiment and groaned happily as she ate every last bit of four mustard coated brownies. Mark watched, more than grossed out, and shook his head. Noticing this, Callie shrugged, her food induced bliss making her less aware of the disgust plastered on Mark’s face.

When she finished eating, she kissed Mark’s forehead and hugged him tight. “Thank you again. Now I can sleep, and so can you.”

Mark smiled and rubbed her back. “It’s not a problem this time, but don’t make a habit of it Torres. Like I said,” he gestured to his face. “This man needs his beauty sleep.”
He winked and each friend went back to their respective rooms to fall asleep quickly, resting happily knowing that even though it may be stressful to have these absurd cravings, they were all for the baby.

Callie was soon brought out of her memories as Mark started to rub circles on her dark hand. She was suddenly grateful that he was on call today and not at the hospital yet. He had been here for her this whole time, never letting her be completely alone, no matter how frustrating it was at times. She had been working up until 3 weeks ago, and then the Chief had graciously given her maternity leave. An interval head of Ortho would take her place until the baby was a month old and though she would miss her job like crazy, she knew that she was going to be very busy with the baby for a long while.

Being a single mother was going to be difficult and at times she wished that she had a partner to help her through this, to share the experience of raising a child. But she knew that she could do it alone. She had psyched herself up for the past few months, telling herself that she would be an amazing mom. And now she believed it. Her son would be loved beyond any love that she had ever given to anyone. And Mark…she had Mark. Even though he wasn’t the father and she had no intention of him ever being the father, he was still there, willing to help her with the baby. She had agreed that it might be best to stay here and let him help until her nerves settled and she became more comfortable with being so highly responsible for a new little life.

“Mark?” Callie spoke softly and turned her head to face her friend, who looked as deep in thought as she had just been.

“Yeah, Torres?”

“Thanks again for everything. This-” She waved her free hand at the room around her. “This is all so amazing. You- you are amazing. You didn’t have to do any of this, so all I can say is thank you.” She flashed a wide grin, causing Mark to smile in return. He loved her smile and he could see the happiness and thankfulness in her toothy grin, but it was nothing compared to how she used to smile when she was in love. He once again thought about how much he hates Erica for taking that smile away. But hey, he would take what he could get.

“Cal, you and the baby are the closest things I have to a family. Sloane is gone and she took my only grandchild with her.” Mark sighed and rubbed his eyes with his free hand. “Addison aborted my baby, and I wasn’t even ever there for Sloane or her mother.”

“I’ve lost my chance at having a family, a family that I truly want. I’m not getting any younger and here I am, single and pining over the woman that I love, but doesn’t love me back. It’s a bit pathetic and not at all how I imagined I would be living my life right now.”

Callie nodded in agreeance, knowing full well how much Mark really wanted to be with Lexie, but Alex Karev stood in his way. Sloane had scared her off and everyone except for Lexie could see how much Mark was hurting. Slowly, she moved to rest her head on his solid chest, feeling his chest heave slightly as he fought to control bitter tears. It was rare that Mark ever showed any emotion except for…horny.

The air was still with unspoken words and unshed tears as Mark chose his next words carefully.

“I just can’t lose you or the little man. I mean, I know you two aren’t technically mine, but I feel responsible for both of you. You two are my second chance, maybe even my last chance at having some semblance of a family. Lexie…she doesn’t want me, at least not right now. I’m still in love with her, Cal. But she doesn’t want a family.”

Children had never been a particularly thrilling idea for Mark when he was younger, but now as he aged he knew something was missing in his life, and he had come to realize that that something was a family of his own.

“Mark, you won’t lose me or the baby. You have us here and you have taken such good care of the both of us. I’m sure you won’t ever be absent from our lives. In fact-” Callie stopped and began to twirl her thumbs together, something Mark had learned meant she had something on her mind.

“I would really love it if you would be his godfather.”

A huge smile spread slowly across the man’s face, replacing the somber look that was in place only moments ago. He touched Callie’s stomach tenderly and nodded.

“Cal, that would be amazing. I would love that more than anything.” His eyes glistened with both excited and mournful unshed tears as Callie kissed his cheek, his stubble prickling her lips.

“He is going to really love his uncle Mark.” Mark smiled in response then frowned as the moment was ruined, as always, by his ever-annoying pager. They both glared at the little, black pager on the nightstand and Mark picked it up to read it.

“Crap. I’m sorry, but I have to go. There’s been an 11 car collision on the interstate. They need all hands on deck.”

The Latina frowned softly, thinking about tonight. “But you will be back in time for the shower, right?”

Pulling on his shoes, Mark nodded and made his way to the door to leave. “Sure thing, Torres. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Mark had planned a baby shower for her, upon her insistence. He knew that she wanted one, so he had been sure to have one, even if their crazy surgery schedules only allowed the day before she was due to be able to have the shower.

Soft laughs began to shake the Latina’s body as she thought about Mark’s enthusiasm about her pregnancy. Everyone at Seattle Grace Mercy West found out quickly after the child was conceived. The nurses, being the constant source of gossip chains, spread rumors that were confirmed as she become unable to hide her growing stomach. Congratulatory expressions were aimed towards her as she walked the halls of the hospital.

But however positive the looks appeared to be, Callie could still see the looks of pity in her co-workers eyes, mixed with looks of, dare she say, ‘told ya so’ or ‘you deserve it’ as many of the hospital staff were never accepting of her open relationship with a woman. When they had first started dating, disapproving whispers could be heard mingling with curious glances in their direction as they, rarely, walked around the hospital holding hands. Most of the hospital employees gradually became accustomed to, or even accepted the two as an item as they had dated for two solid years, with only a few bumps along the way. When the blonde “mysteriously” disappeared from the hospital, the rumors spread like a wildfire and Callie was helpless to avoid the stares cast upon her as she walked the hospital halls alone for the first time in a very long while.

Through all the careful glances she received after her break up with Erica, she could tell that everyone knew she was having a hard time. More often than not, she would show up to work looking disheveled with tear-induced red eyes and a solemn attitude. Mark soon became her “best friend in shining armor” as the whispers gradually grew quieter, at least when she was around, probably a direct result of Mark’s threat of no more “on call room consults”.

She was bad ass, she knew she shouldn’t let the whispers get to her, but they did. Though they never distracted her from her work, they did quite the opposite in fact. She immersed herself in her work and now she was so very close to making cartilage from scratch, a project she had started right before Erica had left. If all went well with the baby, she would readily jump back into her work to complete her research as soon as possible.

So now here she was, pregnant and happy with Mark taking care of her this whole time, with only a few complaints made under his breath, usually at unholy hours of the morning. He really was a great guy, even though he sleeps with one too many nurses. But since she had become pregnant, she watched as something slowly started to change in him. She never saw him bring home any random women from one too many drinks at Joe’s and he seemed to only have eyes for Lexie Grey now. He was maturing, as weird as it may seem to her, and she was proud of him for stepping up and preparing to be a “father figure”.

I guess that old saying about boys maturing later than girls really was true.

Callie grinned and stood up, looking at the alarm clock that now read 11:50 am. The baby shower wasn’t until 5, so she had time to decorate. But with a rather large belly and swollen feet, she figured it would be best to start sooner than later, seeing as how it might take her longer to decorate than the average person not carrying a tiny human inside of them.

Boxes of various sizes littered the living room, all full of decorations; streamers, balloons, gift bags, and…onsies? Callie laughed quietly, shaking her head as she held up a tiny, white onsie, waiting to be decorated by guests.

A soft, but excited knocking sounded from her door and startled her.

Who on earth? That can’t be Mark, he has a key…and isn’t everyone else at the hospital?

She cautiously opened the door, confusion and shock consuming her features as a tall red-head smiled brightly in greeting; her arms extended obviously waiting for a hug.

Callie found her voice and smiled in excitement, walking forward to pull the woman into a huge hug, despite the awkwardness created by her swollen stomach.


A Life Worth Living-Chapter 3
 A/N: Thanks so much for all of your reviews; it’s been inspiring me to continue writing. Like most of you know now, the mystery blonde was Erica, and now she is out of the picture…at least for right now.
Alright, so now the story starts moving forward a little faster. Since it would take forever to wade through nine months of pregnancy, this chapter is set a few short months before Callie is due to give birth, so there is a significant time jump. To make up for the time of her pregnancy, I’ve included flash backs of important happenings that are the longer parts in italics. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you love and hate!

Chapter 3

A very pregnant Calliope Torres walked, or rather waddled, through the aisles of a baby superstore, glancing at all that the store had to offer. She was excited, more excited than she had been in months as she perused through the tiny pacifiers and bottles and baby fingernail clippers. She stopped and took the tiny metal clippers in her hand and furrowed her eyebrows.

Nail clippers for a baby? I never even knew there was such a thing.

Callie laughed quietly to herself and shook her head as she threw the package into a half-full shopping cart.

Things had been going great for the past few months since Erica left. Mark had kept good on his promise to take care of her, maybe even a little too well if she really thought about it. He had often come home with bags full of vitamins and healthy foods that she would have never dreamed of consuming if it weren’t for his persistence on keeping her and the baby perfectly healthy. She was thankful that she had him because if it weren’t for him, she would still be lost and alone, surely hurting and refusing to move on with her life. Eventually she had moved past the pain of the abrupt break up with Erica and started to look forward greeting the little one inside her. She had fallen in love as soon as she had seen her little one on the ultrasound two months ago.

Callie laid back against the examination chair, fidgeting nervously with her hospital gown. Today she would see her baby, her little miracle that was growing inside of her womb. She hoped and prayed that everything was normal, that she and the baby were healthy and would continue to be so. She had ultrasounds done before now, but today she would see how her little one was progressing, and hopefully find out its gender. She and Mark had discussed names for the child, both girl and boy, laughing at ridiculous names and choosing some that sounded promising. But she ultimately decided that she would not name the child until later on.

Mark rested a reassuring hand on her shoulder as he stood behind the chair, anxious to see the child that had become a frequent topic of discussion between him and Callie since she moved in a while ago. He knew she was nervous and excited to see her baby and for the first time in a while, he was glad that Erica had left Callie. His friend had not heard a single word from her ex to this day and Mark wanted it to stay that way. This baby meant so much to Callie since she had been trying for almost a year to conceive and now he realized that Erica deserved to be no part of this child’s life. Certainly Callie would be better off without the cold-hearted woman.

A knock at the door broke Mark from his thoughts as a pretty blonde entered the room, smiling warmly at the two people before her.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Lucy Fields and I will be taking care of you, Dr. Torres.”

Callie nodded and shook the woman’s hand, smiling a little, her nerves still showing plainly on her face.

“Anxious to see your baby, Dr Torres?” The blonde picked up on Callie’s nervousness, as she had seen it a million times before in other patients.

“Of course, I’m really excited.” Tanned hands clasped together and looked anxiously towards the screen as Dr. Fields maneuvered the wand over the stretched stomach that Callie had come to adore the past few weeks as it grew a little bigger each day.

After a few attempts to find the child, Dr. Fields smiled and pointed to the screen.

“There…there is your baby.”

Callie felt tears well up in her eyes as she looked to the screen and saw her baby for the first time. She could make out little hands and arms, legs and a head. She giggled softly as she noticed that the baby had its hand near its mouth, as if sucking it’s thumb. There it was…the little one that had been the center of her thoughts since the day that she found out she was pregnant, the one she worried over every night for weeks until she moved on from Erica and decided that she alone would be a wonderful mother to the little child. She had convinced herself that she could do it alone, but looking at the little life on the screen, she knew that she would need help. This baby was going to rely on her to keep it safe, healthy, and loved. She was responsible for this new little soul in the world and she was thrilled that she would be the one to parent this child, but she was also scared to death of being a failure.

“Callie…” a voice brought her out of her thoughts as she continued to stare at her child and Mark tapped her shoulder, knowing that she was lost in thought.

“Sorry, it’s just…so beautiful,” she smiled a smile that stretched from ear to ear and sighed happily.

“Would you like to know the gender?” Dr. Fields look expectantly at Callie and the older woman nodded.

“Yes, please.” Callie waited anxiously as Dr. Fields again moved the wand around her swollen stomach, searching for just the right angle.

After what felt like forever, Dr. Fields stopped the wand and studied the screen, then turned to Callie.

“There you have it…baby boy Torres.”

Callie laughed in excitement and looked at her baby boy on the ultrasound. A boy…a handful for sure, but she was super excited and immediately felt attached to the little boy as she watched him intently on the screen as he moved just a tad, his hand now away from his mouth. Mark leaned in next to her ear and kissed her cheek.

“Congratulations Cal, that boy is going to be one handsome devil.”

Callie smiled and took Mark’s hand in her own. She found herself once again grateful that Mark was so supportive and she squeezed his hand happily as Dr. Fields turned off the machine and printed out a picture of the ultrasound for Callie.

That little boy was going to be her whole life in a few short months and she knew that now the task of preparing herself was about to begin. He needed a name, a room, a safe place to call home, clothes, bottles, and a thousand other things that Callie both looked forward to and dreaded acquiring. Baby boy Torres was going to completely change her life the minute he came out of her womb.

“Finding everything that you need, miss?” A voice startled Callie from her memory and she turned quickly to see the source of the voice, her large belly bumping a few bottles off of the shelf and she blushed hard as they hit the ground, causing quite a commotion. She hadn’t gotten used to having such a large bump protruding from her body and it had made her very clumsy.

“Oh Dios mio! Lo siento!” She started to bend down to pick the fallen items up, but was stopped as the man speaking to her stopped her and picked the items up instead.

“Don’t worry about it, it happens more often than you think.” The dark haired man, known by his name tag as David, replaced the bottles on the shelf and looked back to a red-faced Callie, who found herself wondering just how often woman knocked items off of these shelves with their impossibly swollen bellies.

“So, can I help you with anything?” The man smiled shyly, taken with Callie’s beauty and gestured to the items on the aisle.

“No, I think I am good actually, thanks David. I’m sorry again for the-” she pointed to the bottles and shrugged.

“It’s really not a problem. When are you due, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Callie smiled and rubbed her stomach fondly. “About two months from now, December 4th actually.”

David nodded, clearly interested in what Callie was saying…or the way she looked, so beautifully pregnant, the woman couldn’t tell which it was. After a rather awkward silence, David started bombarding her with more questions and Callie looked around, desperate to find some sort of distraction and way to excuse herself from the man’s persistence. Just as David started to laugh at something Callie said and touched Callie’s arm to flirt, Mark appeared behind the woman and took her hand in his, sensing that she needed to get away from the annoying man in front of her.

“Hey Cal, I found this really awesome outfit for the little guy,” Mark held up an outfit in his free hand and Callie grinned at the sheer cuteness of the outfit. It was a black onsie, with the printed image resembling a tuxedo on the front. The tan woman shook her head and giggled softly, forgetting about David for a moment and took the outfit from Mark to put it in the cart.

“Mark, only you would choose something like this.”

David piped in, commenting that it was indeed a good choice of an outfit, and then proceeded to ask a question that surprisingly, was a first for Callie since she had been pregnant.

“So you are the lucky father? I’m sure your son will be beautiful.”

Callie started to intervene, “Oh, no no, he’s not really, um,-” David looked between Mark and Callie, confused.

“That’s right, he’s gonna have this handsome face,” Mark gestured to his own facial features and squeezed Callie’s hand, a silent plead for her to just go along with it. David just nodded, still slightly confused as to why the woman had denied her son’s father, but the man had confirmed his parentage.

Mark tugged on Callie’s hand and started to back up a little. This man was clearly not wanted and Mark came to Callie’s rescue as soon as he saw him start flirting unashamed with the Latina. “Thanks for your help David, surely you helped Callie here find what she needed, now if you will excuse us…” He plastered a bitter smile on his face and turned to walk away hand in hand with Callie, the Latina forcing a fake apologetic smile over her shoulder, David blushing and waving a small wave, calling out softly to Callie, “Best of luck to you, miss.”

“Thanks for that,” Callie continued looking at the various items around her, putting something in the cart every now and then, adding a quick remark. “Daddy.”

“Hey, that kid would be lucky to have me as a father,” Mark joked lightly, not knowing that Callie indeed almost wished that he had, in fact, been the father, not some blonde headed, blue eyed man that she chose as a sperm donor to portray Erica. But that can’t be changed now, so Mark would just be the “pretend Daddy”.

“But it wasn’t a problem, that guy was creeping me out from the way he looked at you. I mean come on, no offense, but why in the world would you flirt with a pregnant woman? Obviously she got pregnant by another guy, so why would she possibly want you?”

Mark looked to Callie as she busted out in a fit of giggles and he rolled his eyes. He was happy to see Callie laugh, but he knew that with her crazy mood swings, it wouldn’t last long.

“Well, little does he know, it didn’t exactly happen that way,” She giggled to herself thinking of how she actually got pregnant. Stopping in front of the strollers and glancing at the prices of her favorite choices, she chose two that she liked the best. She whistled softly at a stroller priced at more than what she makes in a month and shook her head, deciding on the dark blue and grey stroller that was way cheaper than the other.

“Yeah,” Mark scoffed, “A turkey baster shaped like a penis and shooting out frozen sperm really doesn’t amount to a real penis that-”

“Ugh, Mark, no! For the last time, it was Not a turkey baster. We don’t live in the primitive times anymore.”

The two friends laughed together and discussed the various items that they either needed or just couldn’t refuse because of the sheer fact that they were unbelievably small, made just for a little human. Finally leaving the store with way too many things now in their possession, they stored everything in Callie’s small closet, with both of them scratching their head at the limited amount of space. After putting the extra things in a hall closet, Callie and Mark crashed on the couch and put on a movie, while Callie hungrily dined on popcorn and pepperonis, Mark scrunching his face in disgust for the strange eating habits of his pregnant friend. No matter how much she strayed from her regular diet, he never would grow accustomed to the nastiness of what he deemed “a pregnant woman’s diet.”

Callie let her mind wander from the movie for a few minutes as she felt her son kicking irritably inside of her. “I know you want out little guy, just two more months and momma will let you out into this crazy world. Trust me, you might be better off staying in there. At least you are safe and warm and can enjoy mooching off of your momma’s food and energy.”

Mark chucked lightly at his friend’s choice of words and he reached out to feel the little one kicking Callie’s round stomach. They shared a silent moment of awe as they both thought about the near future, when little Torres would make his grand entrance, until Callie broke the silence.

“Mark, I will need to find my own place. Christina and Owen are about to move out of the apartment next to you, so they promised that they’d save it for me. This little guy is going to need his own space.”

Mark nodded in acceptance, knowing he couldn’t keep Callie here forever, as much as he wanted to. “It’s great having you here, Cal. And I will take care of you and the little guy until you are ready to move out with him. You always have a safe home here.”

“Thanks, Mark, you’re the best.”

After standing and placing a light kiss on her best friend’s scruffy face, Callie made her way to her bedroom to snuggle under the covers. As the darkness and silence fell, she became increasingly aware of how alone she was, of how cold the bed was around her. This feeling was all too familiar to her, the cold sheets a reminder that she really was alone, just like she had been for the past few months. Sure she had Mark and she would have the baby soon, but she wanted someone to love again, someone that she could cuddle next to at night and feel their heartbeat against her body, their warmth lulling her to sleep. She wanted that connection with someone again, but this time she wanted it to be real. She wasn’t going to love again easily for fear of getting left again, like many times before. Her days of putting her heart out there were over. The next time she decides to date would be only if she is serious about that person and they feel just the same. With a child on the way, she couldn’t take the risk of having someone leave both her and her son. She needed someone stable, someone loving and committed. Her child needed her to be a strong mother and he deserved to have two parents to love him deeply and unconditionally, not one that would walk out on them. But she didn’t want to worry about love right now, her son was her main focus, the one thing she had wanted all her life was the one thing that deserved her undivided attention, not the petty ideals of love.

She sighed heavily as sleep started to take her over, one last thought going through her head, refusing to disappear.

What woman would want a woman that already has a child, a child that is not their own?

A Life Worth Living-Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

Callie woke slowly, her eyes red-rimmed and raw from tears that refused to slow down after the front door slammed last night.

I’m sorry.

Erica’s words rang loud and unwelcome in her head and she closed her eyes again, wishing the pain away. Last night did not go as planned at all, not by a long shot. She knew something was wrong, she could her it in her ex’s voice. Her ex.

Fresh tears started and Callie quickly swiped them away. But these tears were different from last night. Last night she cried from the shock of seeing her life start falling apart before her eyes. Today she is crying from hurt. Her heart had been shattered into thousands of irreplaceable pieces. For two years she had devoted her time and her heart, all of her love to the woman that she thought would be with her forever. They had talked only briefly of marriage and though she knew the idea would not come to fruition until years from now, she still clung to the hope that they would indeed be together. Now the one person who had stole her heart had ripped it out of her chest in a matter of minutes and threw it back at her. It was a big ‘screw you’ to everything she thought her life was.

Sitting up slowly in bed, she brought her hands to her head, a dull ache settling in behind her eyes and she knew a headache was about to take her over. She made her way to the kitchen and swallowed two painkillers and looked around her apartment. Everything her eyes settled on was a painful reminder of last night. The dishes from dinner last night sat cleaned in the drain, the table was still set with a nice tablecloth and a vase of roses in the middle and she bit her lip to hold back more tears. She needed to get through this…she had to be strong because it wasn’t just about her anymore. It was about the tiny being growing inside her.

She tenderly touched her stomach and rubbed small circles over the fabric of her shirt, the shirt she had collapsed in on her bed, too tired and lost to change.

“It’ll be alright little one. Momma is here for you, we are strong.” Smiling softly to herself she patted her tummy. “We are Torres’ after all.”

The smile quickly faded from her face as a wave of nausea hit her and she hurried to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet before doubling over and emptying the contents of last night’s dinner. Just lovely.

After a few minutes of calming her nausea, she searched for her cell phone and felt a flicker of hope, wishing Erica’s name would be flashing as a new message. Taking a deep breath, she looked down at the phone and…nothing. She sighed and shook her head. Erica was gone. She needed to accept that. She needed to figure out where her life was about to go and how she would take care of the little one inside her. She was an adult, she was a surgeon, and a hell of a good one at that. But now her life seemed so uncertain, but she knew that she couldn’t do this alone. Sitting on her bed for hours, she glanced at her phone absent mindedly, chewing her lip as she thought things over. Finally she ran a hand through her hair and dialed a familiar number.

“Mark?” Callie’s voice surprised her, coming out as raspy and broken and her best friend immediately knew something was wrong.

“Callie, what is it? Are you alright? Are you hurt?” Mark’s questions caused Callie to smile bitterly. She was hurt all right, but probably not how he thought.

“Mark…Erica-” she took a shallow breath and shook her head. “Erica is gone. She left me.” The words stung as the thought about Erica’s hasty escape last night. “Jack is sick and she went to be with them in Philadelphia.”

Mark stayed quiet despite the building anger in his chest. He knew his friend needed to talk and judging from her last statement, she had a lot to say and he was the only one she had left.

“She isn’t coming back, Mark. She’s gone, she was sure to let me know that. Things have been falling apart between us for a while, but I thought the baby-”

At this Mark stopped her, trying to make sense of what his best friend was saying.

“Baby? Callie, no…”

Callie nodded, even though she knew Mark couldn’t see the action, couldn’t see the distress on her face. Mark knew Callie had been trying to get pregnant for a while, she and Erica had decided that it would be good for them, and that they were at a point in their lives where they wanted to start a family together. And now she had walked out on Callie?

“That bitch.” Mark muttered and scratched his face. Callie was alone and she was pregnant.

“Cal, come over to my place. Brings some stuff with you, clothes and what not.” Mark knew what he needed to do. He needed to be there for his friend because from the sound of Callie sobbing on the other end of the phone, he knew that things were not going to get better anytime soon.

Despite the tears streaming down her face, Callie smiled a little and spoke quietly, trying to lighten the mood.

“Mark now is not the time to hook up with me. I know I’m the little vulnerable and broken woman, but keeping it in your pants would be a good idea right now.”

Mark chuckled softly at his friend’s witty remark and he shook his head.
“Once upon a time, Torres, but not anymore. Come on over, I am going to order to take-out and it’ll be here soon.” Mark paused, trying to think of the right words to console his broken friend. “I’m here for you, Cal. You are gonna get through this and you won’t do it alone. You are a Torres after all.”

Callie found herself giggling as she started to pack some things into a big suitcase and shook her head, thinking of how Mark’s words reflected her own earlier in the day.

“Thanks Mark. You’re great, you know that?”

Mark laughed quietly and smiled a little. “I’ve been told that a few times, now get your ass over here, Torres. I need to meet that little Torres.”

Callie felt her heart flutter at the thought of her baby and she smiled big for the first time today. Saying their goodbyes, the two hung up the phone and Callie took a last look around her apartment, glad that she would get to leave the memories behind for a few days.

Callie was greeted with a huge hug from her best friend and she felt her resolve start to melt as Mark’s protective embrace made her feel that maybe, if only for this second, everything would actually be alright.

Their hug was interrupted as a knock at the door signaled the arrival of their dinner and Mark paid the man, bringing two boxes of Chinese food and sitting them on the coffee table as Callie laid her suitcase along the back wall.

“Torres, you can sleep in the guest room, put your stuff in there.”

Callie obeyed and then took a seat on Mark’s black leather sofa; its comfort was a welcome to her weary body, tired from crying and worrying and wishing that this was all a dream, a really bad dream.

Quietly, Mark settled in next to Callie and handed her a box of food, taking one for himself and started eating slowly, knowing Callie would talk when she was ready. He could see the tired circles under her eyes and the puffiness surrounding her brown orbs. She was beautiful, loving, strong, intelligent, and kick-ass. He shook his head, wondering how anyone could ever walk out on her. A new round of anger flared up in him and he chewed his food vigorously, trying to keep his thoughts to himself. Cursing Erica’s name at the top of his lungs would surely not help Callie at all, so he calmed himself and looked down at his food until Callie finally started to speak, trying to explain everything without letting salty tears drip into her food.

“Jack has leukemia. She found out when she went to that conference two months ago.”

Mark nodded slowly, knowing all too well which conference his friend was referring to. Ever since Erica returned, everyone could see that things were different with the woman, but only Mark knew how much it was affecting Callie. She sat on this very couch many times before, or sought Mark out at the hospital, pulling him into an on-call room to tell him how she and Erica had fought the night before. Every day was the same, the arguments never ended and Mark knew that something was bound to go wrong. Callie put her heart out there to Erica. She was the first woman that she had ever dated and she made sacrifices to be with the woman that she had fallen in love with during their happy friendship. But now she was gone, the woman with eyes to match the ice in her heart had left Callie alone and defeated, and carrying a child.

“She wants to be with them, she said that she couldn’t abandon them again like she had done once before.” Callie chewed her food and then stopped eating.

“You know, I should have seen this coming. She left Jennifer a few years ago, right after Jack was born. Jennifer had cheated on her and it was too much for her when she found out that she had cheated while her fiancée was pregnant with their child.”

Callie shook her head, deep in thought and sighed heavily, looking out of the glass doors that led to Mark’s small balcony.

“What did I do wrong, Mark?” Callie felt broken and confused and her words reflected her heart. “I never cheated on her, I loved her like I have never loved anyone else. We were happy for so long. She loved me…well I thought she did. But she said that she never stopped loving Jennifer and Jack. So-” she slumped her shoulders and set her food aside. “The whole time she was with me, her heart was somewhere else. I knew about Jennifer and Jack, but we never talked about them. All this time I was just her experiment, her way of trying to heal a broken heart.”

Hating to see the pain clear on Callie’s face, Mark reached out and rested a hand on the black-haired woman. “Cal…” Mark chose his words carefully, trying to avoid further upsetting his friend.

“I know that this isn’t easy for you. I know you loved her and maybe you still do.” He sighed and paused. “But if she said she is gone for good, if she made it clear that Jack and Jennifer are more important to her than you and-” he gestured to her stomach. “Then you have to let her go. It’s not going to do any good wishing she’d come back, spending night after night hoping that she will just re-appear on your doorstep. Chances are if she was stupid enough to leave you, then she isn’t smart enough to come back.”

Callie nodded, taking her friend’s words in. It still stung, the memory was too fresh to push out of her mind like it never happened. But as she sat thinking about Mark’s words for a few minutes, she knew he was right. As much as she wanted to think he was wrong, and that after a few days Erica would realize her error and come running back to her, she knew that Erica’s words were the final words of their relationship. Jack really did need Erica, and she understood that, but it didn’t dull the pain of her absence. It was time to move on, and though it wouldn’t happen overnight, she would pull through. She had Mark and she had her baby.

Mark watched Callie’s eyes light up as she sat thinking quietly and he touched her stomach lightly.

“So…tell me more about this little one that’s gonna be the next great plastic surgeon.”

Callie smiled softly and shook her head, thinking about the little one growing inside her, and then her face fell slightly. Her little miracle would be raised alone, and she couldn’t stand the thought of being a failure to her daughter or son.

“I’m scared Mark. I can’t do this alone. I am not ready to do this alone. I thought I was going to have Erica, that our child would have two loving parents,” she cringed as she thought of the baby as ‘their baby’. “But now this baby only has me, they only have one mother who has no idea how to even be a mother.”

A hand rested on Callie’s thigh and gave a reassuring squeeze.

“You aren’t alone, Torres. You have me. And I know that I may not be the best father-like figure, but I don’t have to be that for your child. I can be a friend who won’t leave you when you need help the most,” Mark nodded, knowing his words were laced with bitterness towards Erica. After a pause, he met Callie’s eyes. “Stay with me.”

“What?” Callie’s face twisted in confusion and her word came out as a light laugh.

“Stay here with me. You can have the guest room and we can share my apartment. This place is too big for just me anyways.” Mark shrugged, trying to be indifferent about his suggestion, but hoping truly that Callie would accept his offer.

“You will need help, and I don’t want you to have to do it alone. So stay with me while you get through this. I will be here to take care of you and the baby.”

Callie’s questioning eyes met serious and warm eyes and she thought about her options. She could go back to her apartment where every time she looked around she saw Erica inhabiting their old home or she could stay here with Mark and know that she has someone that won’t abandon her, someone that will be there as she tries to get through this tough time.

“Alright.” She nodded simply and sighed. “I will stay here until I figure out what to do next and get ready for this little life-changing human,” she looked down to her stomach and giggled softly. Mark was an amazing friend and she felt herself wrapping her arms once again around the man that was about to save her emotional life.

“Thank you, Mark. I’m so lucky to have you.” She felt her heart warm as Mark kissed her cheek softly.

“I will always be here for you, Torres. I don’t know what I would do without you quite honestly. You’re welcome to stay here as long as you need to.”

Maybe things would be alright after all. Maybe she could eventually move on and be strong for her unborn child. For love, she couldn’t say the same. It would take a long time to love again, that she was sure of. Her mind raced through several thoughts of the future as the two friends sat in comfortable silence until a disturbing thought popped unwanted into her head. Callie scrunched up her face and moved away to look Mark in the eyes.

“And Mark…try to keep the man-whoreishness down while I’m here. I can’t have you interrupting my soon-to-be necessary beauty sleep with your,” she motioned up and down Mark’s body, “extracurricular activities in the middle of the night.”

Mark chuckled heartily and shook his head. “I can’t make any promises, Torres, but I guess I can try to be quiet for you.”

Callie smiled and was about to thank him, but was stopped by Mark again and slapped him hard on the arm for his next words.

“But I can’t say the same for the woman that is experiencing the Sloan method.”

A Life Worth Living-Chapter 1
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 Chapter 1

Callie peered down at the object in her shaking hands as a wave of emotion slapped her hard in the face. Happiness…confusion…fear…anxiety…happiness. This was really happening, this was real and the two little red lines staring up at her made no mistake.

I’m having a baby. I’m going to be a mother. Oh God, I’m going to be a mother!

She steadied her tanned, shaking hand and looked at the clock on the wall through tear-filled eyes. 4:17. She had until 5 o’clock to prepare herself for her girlfriend to come home. Tonight had to be special, they were having a baby and that wasn’t news to share lightly. Dropping the plastic stick into the trash can, she exited the bathroom and made her way to the kitchen to start on her famous chicken picatta. While she cooked her mind raced, unable to control all of the thoughts and emotions swirling inside her hyperactive mind. She had wanted this forever, always dreaming of raising a child of her own. Now she was about to make her dream come true, granted she was missing the male part of the equation, a fact which her parents had yet to accept. But her child would have two loving, excited parents, two mothers that would give their child the unconditional love that was reserved only for one’s children.

A soft smile graced the pink lips of the Latina as she thought about a beautiful baby boy or girl wrapping their arms around her neck and her kissing their little nose, the child’s smile, so like her own, making her heart melt. In nine months, nine long and surely anxiety-filled months, she would hold a tiny baby in her arms, a part of herself, and an integral part of a future that she hoped would soon become a reality with her girlfriend of 2 years.

The sound of a door closing brought her out of her futuristic thoughts and back to reality just as a pair of thin arms wrapped around her waist tentatively and she smiled, turning in her lover’s arms to look into a pair of ice-blue eyes.

“Chicken picatta, huh? What did I do to deserve this?”

Callie heard something in the blonde’s deep voice, something out of place and almost hesitant, but chose to ignore it as the reason for the special dinner made it to the forefront of her mind yet again, setting her heart and mind into another dizzying frenzy of emotion.

“Oh, nothing. Can’t a woman just make a nice dinner for her girlfriend?”

Callie kissed her lover’s thin lips tenderly, but was surprised and slightly taken aback when she felt no attempt from the blonde to return the kiss. Once again she felt that something was different, something was definitely missing. There was no witty remark from her girlfriend, no feeling of love in the kiss, no warmth radiating from the woman standing in front of her.

“Well...” the blonde forced a smile and walked away to take a seat at the table as Callie brought the plates to the table and sat down across from the blonde, still confused. “It smells lovely and I’m sure it tastes just as great.”

Callie always prided herself on her ability to make kick-ass meals, but tonight she started to feel nothing other than dread as she looked down at the food.

Was it the news she was about to share? No, it couldn’t be, she was beyond thrilled for the new edition on the way. Then what was it that was bothering her?

She looked up into the ice-blue eyes watching her curiously as a small smile faded from her lips and was replaced by a hard set mouth that meant business.

That’s what it is…why does she look like that? What’s wrong with her? Maybe she will cheer up once she hears about the baby…

Callie shrugged off the nagging feeling as the two women started to eat and engage in aimless chatter about everything and nothing and soon she started to nervously pick at what remained of the delicious chicken. Excitement and anxiety threatened to reveal her news in the most ungraceful way and she could not let her moment be ruined. This was a special moment, a life changing moment and she wanted to do it right. After taking a shaky breath, she started to speak and was taken off guard as the blonde started to speak at the same time.

“I wanted to tell you…”

“There is something that I need to say…”

Both women smiled and laughed nervously at each other and Callie motioned for her partner to speak first, deciding to prepare herself a little more for the words that she was about to say. But when she looked into her partner’s eyes, she saw something that scared her…what was it? Fear, sadness, or worse yet, nothing?

This was definitely not how she wanted this night to go. The two women had been arguing almost constantly for the past two months and Callie could never seem to understand what caused the sudden change in her loving, understanding girlfriend. Things between them had been great until her girlfriend came back from a medical conference in Philadelphia. The other woman had become…colder and slightly less lively, unreadable, and sad almost. Callie just wanted a break from the arguing and thought that tonight she would get it. If this baby didn’t change things then nothing would, this should be the happiest day of their lives.

A thin, pale hand covered Callie’s suddenly and Callie jumped slightly at the contact, brought out of her thoughts.

“I’m sorry.” The words were spoken so softly that Callie thought that maybe she had only imagined them coming from her girlfriend’s lips.

“Um…for what?” Callie tried to meet her lover’s eyes, but the contact was lacking as the older woman’s eyes stayed glued to their touching hands.

“For the arguing, for the way I have acted lately. It isn’t fair to you and I apologize.”

Callie sat still, surprised that an apology was actually being made since she never, ever received an apology for the other woman’s actions. She nodded slightly, willing her to go on with what she was saying. After an awkward silence that seemed to stretch on for a lifetime, cold, blue eyes finally melt with warm, chocolate ones and Callie’s face fell as the emotion in the woman’s eyes became painfully clear. Guilt. It consumed the blonde’s eyes then quickly changed to something else…apathy?

The raven-haired woman opened her mouth to speak, starting to become worried by the looks she was being given, but was silenced as the other woman started to speak again.

“Callie, I-” a deep breath punctuated the start of her speech. “When I went to Philadelphia, I ran into Jennifer and-”

Callie felt her ears start to ring as realization dawned on her. Her girlfriend’s ex, Jennifer…she should have known. She should have seen it coming. An uneasy feeling settled in the pit of her stomach as she braced herself for what was coming next.

“Jack was with her. He was so cute, so smart.” A bitter smile crossed the blonde’s lips as she continued. “He was so frail.”

Callie looked into the woman’s eyes with surprise, waiting for an explanation. Jack was her girlfriend and ex’s son, two years old now if she remembered correctly. They never spoke of Jack as it hurt her girlfriend to think about why she had to leave them. She knew she missed Jack, but her girlfriend wanted another child, their child. And little did she know, Callie was carrying that child as she spoke.

“Callie…Jack is sick.” Blue eyes again met with brown and sadness shone full force in her eyes. “He has leukemia.” The blonde’s eyes started to fill with tears. “He isn’t expected to live too much longer and I-”

Reaching out to touch a fallen tear on her lover’s face, Callie felt her heart clenching with indecisiveness. What is she trying to tell me? What does this mean for our child?

“I need to be with him Callie. I abandoned him once and I can’t let him die without his mother. He needs me and I need him to know that I love him and I’m there for him.”

Callie nodded slowly, absorbing the words that were fresh on her ears. Jack did need her, but why now? Why when their child was now growing inside her? She looked to the sky as if questioning a higher power about this awful stroke of bad luck. She felt sick at the thought of her child’s other mother having to focus her attention on her other son, rather than their child. Selfish? Yes. But she wanted nothing more than for this child, their child, to be a blessing to them. And now it all is happening at the worst moment.

“Why didn’t you tell me before now? You went to that conference two months ago!” Callie felt her voice starting to rise just slightly, irritated that she was just now finding this out. “Your son is deathly ill and you kept it from me?”

The blonde looked down in guilt and blushed a light shade of red. “We were going to focus on having our own child. I didn’t want this to stand in the way. I wanted us to be happy.”

“Happy? Are you kidding me? Ever since you came back, I knew something was wrong with you. We have fought every single day, over things that aren’t worth fighting over! Don’t you think if you had just told me the truth, maybe this wouldn’t have happened? Maybe we’d be happy now and maybe you could have been there for Jack before now.”

Callie felt her anger start to dissolve as more tears slipped down her partner’s cheek and the blonde spoke softly.

“I need to leave to be with him.”

Callie nodded and took her lover’s hand. “We can both go, I will get time off of work and we can visit for as long as you need. I know how much Jack means to you.”

Sad eyes met Callie’s and the woman shook her head.

“No, Callie. I need to go alone. He’s my son, not yours.”

Callie felt a sting at the words her partner spoke, but shook her head, understanding the truth.

“When will you come back?”

Her lover sighed and met Callie’s eyes.

“I’m not…I’m not coming back.”

Suddenly the world stopped, Callie immediately felt her heart start to race in a panic. She wasn’t coming back? What? Why?

Seeing the pain she had just caused her lover, the blonde released Callie’s hand and fought to say the words she needed to say.

“Jack needs me, but Callie,” the blonde bit her lip “I love you…but I am still in love with Jennifer. I never stopped loving her. They need me and I need them, Cal. I’m sorry.” The confession sounded strange on her own lips, finally being verbally voiced, but she knew without a doubt that it was true. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, no matter how much she knew she was hurting Callie…she was still in love with her ex and her son. She needed to go back to them, especially now when they needed her the most.

Callie stepped away from her girlfriend, or, now ex-girlfriend, with shock written all over her face.

This could not be happening, no, not now, not when their baby was finally becoming a reality. The baby…oh God…what about the baby?

Her words came out slowly and hurt was plain in her soft voice. “What about us? We need you too.”

The blonde looked confused for a moment as Callie spoke and rested a hand on her stomach. Suddenly realization hit her and she was torn.

“You…you’re pregnant? With our child?” She watched as Callie nodded, tears staining her caramel cheeks.

A long silence filled the room until finally the blonde spoke again, holding her head a little less high than she had moments before and met her now ex-girlfriend’s eyes, the woman carrying their child. A war was being fought in her head and she had a huge decision to make…stay with Callie and their newly conceived child…or go be with the child and mother that so desperately needed her, that she still loved so deeply.

“Callie…I’m so happy. This child is a blessing, a wonderful new little child. And I would love to raise this child with you.”

Callie felt a glimmer of hope as she heard those words, but her hope was soon shattered.

“But Jack and Jennifer need me. I love them Callie and I can’t live knowing that I abandoned them twice when I never should have left them in the first place. I love you Callie. I will always love you, but I can’t stay. I’m so so deeply sorry. And this child…our child…”

“NO!” Callie cut off the woman’s words and watched the blonde recoil like she had been hit. Good!

“This is not our child anymore. This is MY child.”

Bitterness laced Callie’s voice as her lover’s choice cut her deeper than anything ever had. Here she was carrying their child and her lover was leaving for another woman…another child…another life. Tears cut ragged streams down her face as she shook her head in disbelief. Just like that, her life was being broken in two. George left cheated on her, and now this…now she was being left for an ex. Callie understood that Jack needed her lover, but why did she have to leave for good? Why was this happening to her?

“I’m so sorry Callie…I really am.”

Callie shook her head and sobbed in a stunned silence as she watched her ex gather her belongings and take once last look at her before walking out of their apartment and out of her life. She couldn’t believe that this has just happened. She would wake up and it would all just be a dream right?

She shook her head hard and angrily cried until her body hurt from the strain, then collapsed on her bed, alone and scared. She was going to be a mother…alone…she didn’t know if she could do this alone. It was all too much and she wanted to just sleep it off and wake up in a better life. As she fell asleep slowly, she rested a hand on her stomach, the reality and weight of the situation settling in finally. In a matter of minutes, Baby Torres-Hahn had just become Baby Torres. She was scared, terrified of the future. But she knew one thing was true…Baby Torres was worth fighting for.

A New Beginning (Chapter 13)

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Chapter 13


Callie placed leftover pizza boxes in her refrigerator as her friends settled down in the living room to watch a movie, content with the fun they had swimming. No one had bothered to change out of their bathing suits, so they shared two blankets to keep warm in the living room.


As the movie started, Daniel texted his mother and got the okay to stay the night at Callie’s. He had a feeling that Arizona wouldn’t mind at all, seeing as how she was already more interested in Callie than she was in the movie.


He felt bad for Arizona since she was still struggling with Callie. He knew she was waiting for Callie to admit her feelings for her, if they existed. He knew from Addison that Callie really liked his sister and he could tell her if he chose to, but he decided to wait, figuring it would be worth it for Arizona to hear it from Callie herself.


She pulled him aside when they came inside to eat to tell him that she had made the first move, but Callie never had the chance to answer since he splashed water all over them. So he wanted to make it up to his sister by leaving her to her business for the rest of the night, and getting permission for them to stay over.


When Callie slipped under the blanket beside Arizona, Daniel made it a point to turn away from them and focus all of his attention on the movie.


Callie crossed her legs to sit under the blanket next to Arizona. She made sure not to touch the blonde, so she could focus on the movie and not on the nervousness that she was feeling.


But instead her mind traveled to the conversation had just finished by the pool.


'She likes me. It's obvious now. She likes me and I like her. God, I need to tell her soon.'


Callie then remembered the soft brush of Arizona’s lips on her cheek. It was unexpected and shocking, but both she and Arizona had felt something electric about the accidental touch, something dangerously sexy about that little mistake.


And Callie wanted more. She didn’t think she could ever get enough of Arizona’s intoxicating presence. Arizona made her feel wanted. They way she touched her innocently, the way she looked at her, and the way she flirted with her so easily; it was all so exciting.


But that was only a bonus. Callie wanted Arizona because she simply was falling for her, falling herder than she had ever fallen for anyone else.


Arizona cared...she cared for herself, for Daniel, for Callie, and she loved that about her. It made her more than just physically attractive and it made Callie want to have her that much more.


There was a connection between them that was so natural and so easy. It wasn’t forced and it was just...always there.


Callie shifted under the blanket to scoot a tad bit closer to Arizona. With a hopeful breath, Callie moved her hand to meet Arizona’s, her fingers resting on Arizona’s to ask permission silently.




Arizona was painfully aware of how close Callie’s half-naked form was next to her. She could feel her body heat radiating on her cool skin and it made her nervous.


They had been this close in the pool, they actually had been a lot closer. But for some reason the closeness now made her incredibly nervous.


She had been brave, had made the first move. She tried to hint at her interest in Callie and now she had to wait and see if Callie had taken the hint.


She hoped that she hadn’t been too bold. But no, she kept it non-specific enough to avoid directly telling Callie that she was the one that really liked her, the one that was very eager to line up for her.


Arizona’s thoughts suddenly went hazy as a warm hand rested unsurely on top of hers. Callie.


'Maybe she got the hint after all.'


Arizona smiled and turned her hand over to fill the spaces between her fingers with Callie’s own fingers, happy that Callie was making a move, a small one, but the right one.


This was good. This made Arizona hopeful that Callie had caught on, but until she heard the words come from Callie’s mouth, she was not going to get her hopes up too much. She didn’t want to crash too hard if Callie was only just flirting innocently again.


Flirting was good, flirting was fun. But she didn’t want the flirting to end in heart break. She would have enough of that to deal with when Daniel left in two weeks, so she didn’t want any more to add to it.


So she decided to wait. When she knew without a doubt that Callie was truly invested in her, then she would open herself to Callie in return. But for now all she could do was wait.


Halfway through the movie Addison had fallen asleep with Daniel’s strong arm around her and Daniel rested his head on hers, his own eyes threatening to close, worn out from the pool.


Arizona was still holding Callie’s hand, but neither girl had moved an inch. Arizona guessed that Callie was feeling just as nervous as she was right now and neither of them spoke, not sure what to say.


A soft snore erupted from Daniel and Arizona giggled in surprise, finally looking at Callie to share her laugh. However, Callie only managed a weak smile. Something was bothering her, Arizona could see it plainly. She questioned Callie with her eyes as her soft laughter died out. Callie finally answered by tugging on Arizona’s hand and nodding towards the back door.


Quietly, the girls left the room as Daniel and Addison slept soundly, peacefully unaware of everything around them.


Once they were outside, Callie walked hand in hand with Arizona and sat on the edge of the pool, her feet hanging carelessly into the water.


Arizona followed suit and took a place next to Callie, dangling her own feet into the chilly water. Not a word was said as Arizona watched Callie draw meaningless patterns in the water with her foot. She was thinking about something, something important and Arizona took the opportunity to just sit back and watch her.


She couldn’t keep her eyes from traveling up Callie’s body again, taking in and fully appreciating every aspect of her body, so neatly defined by her small bikini. Her raven hair was pushed back behind her ears and the moon was casting a silver glow on the crown of Callie’s head. Arizona smiled at the way it made Callie look like an angel.


When Callie finally spoke Arizona looked to her shyly.


“Have you ever gone for a midnight swim?”


Callie slid easily into the water and turned to face Arizona, her arms cutting small lines in the water with her movements.


Arizona shook her head and Callie reached out to take Arizona’s hand and help her into the pool gently. She hated the cold water, but the look in Callie’s eyes made her forget about the chilly temperature and she quickly dropped into the water to stand in front of the Callie.


The quiet of the night exhilarated Arizona and her nerves increased even more as Callie pulled her closer to her, both girls finding warmth in the other, a relief from the cold water. Arizona quickly found herself pressed up against Callie and she prayed that the other girl couldn’t feel her heart racing.


Callie waited to see if Arizona would pull away and when she didn’t she smiled and held the small girl in a loose hug.


Arizona rested her head on Callie’s shoulder as she wrapped her arms around the Latina's waist, comfortable with being so close to her again. Callie spoke softly as she held Arizona close to her.


“I love swimming at night. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. You can be alone to float in the water and stare up at the stars. It's relaxing,” Callie pressed her cheek to Arizona’s soft hair and sighed.


Here right now, alone with Arizona, feeling their bodies pressed together, was how she wanted to stay. She felt her heart start to pound in her chest at the though that this could be it. This could be her chance to make sure that she and Arizona had so many more moments like this.


Callie’s nerves rose to an all time high and she tried to calm herself by focusing on the warm touch of Arizona’s hands resting on her waist. She wanted Arizona to know so badly and she wanted to stop stressing over the physical tension between them. Every time they touched she felt like she was going to explode with pleasure. Being this close to Arizona now only sharpened her feelings as they were alone and all was quiet. She had told Addison that she was waiting on the right time to tell Arizona how she feels. And now she couldn’t think of a better time than now to try and speak her heart.


“Arizona,” Callie whispered her name, looking to the sky for strength.


“Hmm?” Arizona didn’t lift her head from Callie’s shoulder and Callie was grateful for that. It would be a lot easier to do this if she wasn’t drowning in Arizona’s bright blue eyes.


“Have you ever felt like something was too good to be true, like you were afraid to wake up and see that it was all a dream?” Callie knew it sounded painfully cliché, but she couldn’t think of any other way to describe how she was feeling.


Arizona nodded into Callie’s shoulder, hoping that this would lead to her discovering how Callie really felt about her. Callie continued as she ran her hands lightly over Arizona’s bare back, her body tingling with excitement.


“Ever since you showed up in homeroom on the first day of school, with your perky smile and your bouncing curls, I wanted to know you. Something about you just drew me to you.”


Arizona lifted her head and looked into Callie’s nervous eyes. She was reminded of how she felt when she came out to her parents earlier that morning and she hoped that meant Callie was about to say something big.


Callie smiled at Arizona to try and hide her nerves, her eyes steadily holding Arizona’s hopeful gaze.


'I’m doing this. Don’t turn back now Callie. This is right...just do it.'


“Arizona, I’ve had my heart broken, but you...you put it back together without even trying. You are amazing and beautiful, and...”


Arizona waited expectantly, ready for Callie to let her know why she was telling her this. Callie stopped moving her hands against her back and she instantly missed the contact. And she was suddenly afraid that Callie wasn’t about to say what she had been hoping for.


“You scare me Arizona.”


Blue eyes blinked slowly at Callie’s words. That was definitely not what she was expecting to heart, but before she let her heart sink, she realized that those words were not words of true fear, but rather a confession that Callie was finally admitting out loud.


She became confident with Callie’s words and she gave the Latina an encouraging smile. She them started to run her fingers lightly down Callie’s arm, making Callie close her eyes with pleasure.


The brunette stood silently in the water, her eyes closed for several moments before gathering enough courage to continue where she left off. Everything needed to be said now that she had already started pouring out her heart to the one person that she hoped cared.


“I have never met anyone like you Arizona Robbins. And I-”


Callie stared straight into Arizona’s eyes to make sure that she got her point across.


“I want to be with you Arizona. I want to be your best friend, but I want to be more than that to you. I want to be that person that takes your breath away, that one person that leaves you wanting more.”


Callie was breathless as she finally let Arizona see into her heart, to see how much she was really falling for her.


Arizona’s heart thundered in her chest. Callie had spoken the words she had been waiting to hear. She almost couldn’t believe that had just happened. The girl that she was desperate to know as more than a friend had just confirmed that the feeling was mutual. And it had given her reason to keep up her hope of being with her alive.


She nodded casually and fought hard to calm her racing heart. Callie wanted her...and she wanted Callie. She wanted to just revel in the moment, to hold onto the way they both were feeling right now. And with that she decided that now would be a good time to test out just how much Callie really wanted her.


She moved her face slowly to towards Callie and leaned in close enough to feel Callie’s shaky breath on her lips before moving to rest her chin on her tanned shoulder.


Callie was obviously disappointed at the tease that Arizona did just now and that gave Arizona another idea. If Callie wanted her, then she would give her a taste of her, but not too much. Not yet. Oh no, now that she knew Callie was completely interested, she would tell her how she felt too, and show her at the same time.


“Calliope,” Arizona’s whisper tickled Callie’s neck and she shivered at the sensation.


'Good. This should be fun.'


“Why do I scare you?” Arizona slid her nose up Callie’s neck and stopped just under her ear, breathing lightly, waiting for Callie to answer.


'This is exactly why you scare me.' Callie thought.


She tried to focus on her answer, a task that seemed near impossible at the moment.


“Because you do things to me that I can't even explain.”


Arizona knew exactly how to play this one out. She brushed her lips against Callie’s earlobe when she spoke and was satisfied to hear a rather loud gasp as Callie’s breathing sped up and became ragged with pleasure.


“Now you know how you make me feel, Calliope Torres.”


Arizona withdrew her lips from Callie’s ear and moved to look her in the eyes again.


“You are that one person Calliope. You are the one that I want. I want you so badly Calliope, but I understand that this is a lot for you. You just got away from George and I’m...I'm a girl.”


Arizona’s face turned serious, her sexy smirk gone from her lips. She needed Callie to hear her and to understand, but she continued to explore Callie’s body with her fingers to let the Latina know that she wanted her no matter what.


“So I will wait for you Calliope. I will wait until you are ready and-”


Callie quickly grabbed Arizona’s face and held it between her hands, her eyes threatening to spill tears of happiness and sheer pleasure.


“I am ready now, Arizona. You don’t realize how badly I tortured myself with the idea of having you to call my own, constantly wondering if you felt the same way, and preparing myself for rejection.”


Arizona frowned and reached out to take hold of Callie’s waist again, the water rippling with her movement.


“No, no, I need you to understand that I'm-” Arizona smiled and felt Callie’s hands relax on her cheeks.


“I'm falling for you Calliope Torres.” Arizona’s voice dripped with sincerity that made Callie melt, and the blonde nodded happily.


“And if you are ready, then so am I.”


“I want you to be mine. I waited to know if you felt the same way, I just didn’t want to scare you away. And now that I know you do, I want to know you so much more.”


Callie stroked Arizona’s cheek softly with her thumb and watched the familiar dimples appear.


Arizona smiled sexily and pressed her forehead to Callie’s, once again hearing Callie’s breath hitch at their close contact. Now that they were on the same page, she could have some more fun.


She teased Callie slowly, deliberately, by breathing onto her parted lips slowly. The brunette felt a fire ignite deep within her and she moved towards Arizona, ready to feel her lips on her own.


Arizona let Callie get so close, close enough to almost touch, but pulled back quickly and smiled deviously, leaving Callie breathing hard.


The blonde let her eyes travel to Callie’s chest heaving up and down and she started to explore the Latina's body with her hands again, moving them seductively to Callie’s stomach.


Callie realized what Arizona was doing and decided to join in, her own hands moving away from Arizona’s face and down her smooth neck, tracing small patterns on her skin.


After a few minutes of touch flirting, Callie moved towards the edge of the pool to get out, afraid to let things get too out of hand. But she was stopped suddenly by Arizona’s arms sneaking from behind her to wrap around her stomach. Callie felt the fire in her core again and this time it was growing more intense. And when Arizona pressed herself against Callie’s backside, the only thought in her mind was 'Oh, God I want her so bad.'


And she tried so hard to resist the overwhelming urge to kiss Arizona until they couldn’t breathe before she found herself being spun around to meet Arizona’s eyes, darkened by desire.


Arizona had a hunger showing in her eyes that Callie wanted to see her act on, feeling that look was reflecting the fire that was burning brilliantly in her.


The blonde pushed Callie forcefully, but carefully against the pool wall and pressed herself hard into Callie. This new kind of flirting was turning her on and she needed to feel Callie, to make the the girl very aware of how much she was captivated by her.


Her chest pressed against Callie’s, her bare stomach molding against the Latina's. It felt so right, so sensual and she couldn’t stop herself as her lips pressed against Callie’s collarbone.


Callie moaned softly at the contact and she wanted more. She was so happy that Arizona wanted her, and she didn’t mind getting a little taste of what could be all hers if their relationship ever made it that far. So Callie let it happen, innocent touches becoming sexy as Arizona moved her lips over Callie’s neck and up to her ear once again.


“You're dangerous Arizona.” Callie whispered huskily, obvious desire in her voice, but not wanting to make it more than innocent.


Arizona giggled. Her daydreams were a reality now. Callie wanted her and she wanted Callie and she needed the girl to know that she was more than willing to be with her, so here they were. She loved flirting sweetly with Callie, but a little sexiness wouldn’t hurt right?


“You know you like it.” Arizona whispered into Callie’s ear and winked suggestively, Callie nodding in return.


She couldn’t believe how good it felt to finally have Arizona know the truth. And now they could be together because they both wanted it. Now all she had to do was enjoy it and Arizona was making it a little too enjoyable right now.


Arizona’s frenzied kissed on her neck slowed from sexy to sweet and she once again brought her face close to Callie’s and smiled sweetly, watching Callie’s flushed face light up and she knew this was it.


This was everything she wanted and she leaned in close to Callie, their lips only a breath apart...


A New Beginning (Chapter 12)

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


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Chapter 12


Callie invited Addison over early to help her prepare for the get together that would take place in just a few hours. It wasn’t going to be anything outstanding as it was only her, Addison, Daniel, and Arizona. For once Callie was grateful that her parents were gone so often. This weekend they flew to Miami to visit some relatives for the week, and Aria had gone with them, happy to miss a week of school.


Callie was excited to have the house to herself and she planned to start it off right by having her friends over to hang out and swim.


She had never been proud of her family's money because she didn’t want it to buy her friends, but she was glad to have luxuries like the extremely nice pool area in the backyard. It was an awesome place to hang out when her friends were over. And she couldn’t wait to have some fun tonight.


As Callie and Addison prepared the kitchen for Callie to cook, Callie’s phone buzzed.


'Can't wait to see u soon! I’m super excited ;) '


“Is she doing better today?” Addison asked, knowing who it was that texted Callie.


“Looks like it. She never did tell me what was wrong. But oh well, I’m just glad she's happy now. I can't stand seeing her sad like that.” Callie’s voice trailed off as if she were talking to herself.


Addison handed Callie a pan for the food and smiled.


“Callie, you are Arizona are...good for each other. All that flirting, yeah, you two definitely get along well. A little too well.”


Addison took to chopping some onions and look sideways to Callie.


“Are you ever going to tell her, Cal?”


Callie sighed and put some chicken into the pan on the stove.


“Yeah, I just don’t know how to. What if she is just flirting for fun?”


Addison looked skeptical.


“Cal, are you blind?! That girl obviously isn’t flirting just for the fun of it. I mean, I’m sure she has fun doing it, because you flirt right back, but...she is taken by you Callie. The way she looks at you says it all. You make her happy Callie. And she'd be stupid not to go for you.”


Addison sighed and looked down at the onions.


“And Callie...you don’t want to lose her. You have this wonderful opportunity to get to know her so much more. You two would have an awesome time together because it's obvious that you both like each other. But if you don’t let her know how you feel soon, then you might run out of time. And you will regret it Callie. So if you really like her...”


Callie stopped and looked up at Addison, waiting for her to finish.


“Then you have to let her know.”


Addison was right. Callie didn’t want Arizona to get away. She deserved to know, but for now Callie would just enjoy being with her as a friend. She wasn’t going to rush into things until she was completely ready. She didn’t know how to tell Arizona how she really felt about her. She would have to wait for the perfect opportunity because as much as she wanted Arizona to know, she was afraid of scaring her away. She was afraid of ruining the amazing relationship that she and Arizona already had. Yes, she felt like Arizona was interested in her too, but she wasn’t ready to be hurt again.


“I know Addie. I know. I'll tel her when the time is right. Things are just so easy, so comfortable with her and I don’t want to ruin that.”


The two friends cooked silently for several minutes before Callie spoke again.


“What about you and Daniel? Are you going to tell him that you are 'so in love with him'?”


Callie made googly eyes at the last few words and Addison scoffed.


“I am not in love with him. I am...” Addison waved her knife around in the air searching for the proper term.


“I'm madly in like with him.”


She raised her eyebrows, satisfied by her answer and Callie laughed.


“You two are cute together Addie. He's all cute and happy and you are-” Callie shrugged.


“Well, you are just...you.”


Addison raised the knife she was holding to point it a Callie. Waving the knife around playfully, she raised an eyebrow in mock warning.


“What's that supposed to mean, huh?”


Addison and Callie joked back and forth about their possible love interests until lunch was ready and the doorbell rang.


Callie hurried to the door with an expectant look on her face, and flung it open to reveal a smiling Daniel Robbins. She moved to give him a hug, but was stopped by Arizona stepping in front of him, placing herself between Callie and her brother. With a sly grin, Arizona scolded Callie playfully.


“Calliope Torres, I know you weren't about to give away my hug.”


Daniel saw Addison and took this opportunity to walk around the two girls and into the house to hug the stunning red-head.


Callie grinned and crossed her arms over her chest.


“Oh, your hug? And why do you think that you deserve the first hug?”


Arizona cocked her head to the side and winked, taking a step closer to Callie, her face mere inches from the Latina's, enjoying the blush that spread across Callie’s cheeks at their close proximity.


“Well, don’t you think that I deserve it? Would you really choose anyone else over me?”


Arizona slipped her arms discretely around Callie’s waist and loved the way Callie melted at her touch.


Callie almost gave into Arizona’s obvious flirting, but managed to turn her back to the blonde, effectively releasing her arms from her waist.


“You never know.”


Arizona looked surprised and hurt at Callie’s sudden rejection until Callie looked back over her shoulder and winked seductively.


The blonde's face lit up at the realization that Callie was playing hard to get. The fun never ended with her.


She followed Callie into the house where she was instantly hit with the smell of lunch. It smelled delicious and Arizona blushed as her stomach growled in response.


Thankfully, Callie suggested that they eat lunch before they started to do anything else.


Arizona sat across from Callie and was completely distracted by the daydreams forming themselves from the sight of Callie’s red bikini top strap that showed under her shirt. She suddenly couldn’t focus on anything except the thought of seeing Callie in the bikini.


When she realized that all conversation had ceased, she was brought back to reality. Everyone was staring at her and she desperately tried to remember what someone had obviously just asked her.


'Crap Arizona. Stop looking at her bikini. That cannot be good for you.'


“Arizona?” she looked up to see Callie smiling at her, obviously amused at catching her in a daydream.


“Sorry, I...I didn’t hear what you said.” she smiled apologetically.


“I asked if everyone was ready to get in the pool.” Callie chucked and Daniel couldn’t help but to laugh at his sister's reply. He knew exactly what she had been staring at.


“Yes, yes of course!”


'I am more than ready.'


everyone got up from their seats, their hunger satisfied.


“Thanks for lunch Callie. It was awesome.” Daniel grinned.


“No problem. I've been known to make a mean chicken piccata every now and then.” Callie replied happily.


As they moved to the pool in the backyard, Arizona couldn’t keep her thoughts away from Callie and her bikini.


Addison and Daniel had run ahead of her and were already splashing each other playfully in the pool.


Arizona took a spot on one of the lounge chairs to pull her clothes off, revealing a small blue bikini.


Callie pretended not to notice how the blue matched Arizona’s eyes and how the clothing revealed more of her than she had ever seen. Her body was perfect, curving in the right places, her skin so smooth like porcelain. Arizona was shyly standing to head towards the pool and Callie turned away, starting to remove her own clothes slowly.


Arizona watched longingly, stopped in her tracks as Callie revealed her toned legs and tanned thighs as she slid her shorts down.


'Stop staring Arizona.'


The blonde felt her jaw drop at the next thing she witnessed, her daydreams finally coming to life.


Callie was slowly, agonizingly slowly, pulling her shirt up over her stomach. Arizona blinked once and tried to look away, but she couldn’t. Callie was making it impossible to her to look away, and Arizona felt that soon it would be impossible for her to stand up anymore.


Her attention was completely captivated by the beautiful Latina before her.


'Oh, God, oh, God!'


Arizona thought she would die when Callie lifted her shirt over her head and freed herself of the piece of clothing that had previously hidden her bikini top and Arizona couldn’t breathe.


'She's gorgeous.'


Arizona had always thought Callie was gorgeous, but as she stood here before her, Arizona came to realize that a half-naked Calliope was even more seductive than a fully dressed Calliope. That was going to be sooo dangerous...


Arizona knew she was staring a little too obviously at Callie, but she couldn’t help it. And right now she didn’t care. She was not about to miss out on the fabrication of her daydreams.


And Callie played along, knowing Arizona would watch her undress. There was nothing wrong with giving her a little taste of what she could have, right?


Arizona finally forced herself to look away and walked shakily towards the water.


Daniel and Addison had watched the whole thing and both of them watched with laughter as Arizona came closer to them, her shaky movements giving her away. She was completely blown away by Callie’s little tease and they both could see it.


Daniel wiggled his eyebrows at his sister as she stood on the edge of the pool, getting ready to ease herself into the cold water. She hated getting into a cold pool and she always took the time to adjust to it slowly to avoid feeling like she would freeze to death.


Addison tried and failed to suppress a laugh at what she saw coming. But Arizona didn’t have time to react before warm arms captured her waist from behind and she found herself flying into the pool.


Coming up from under the water, shocked by the cold, Arizona took a deep breath of air, surprise creasing her face.


'What the hell just happened?!'


The strong arms that had previously held her had let go, and she saw Callie laughing outrageously at her surprised expression.


“Calliope Torres!” Arizona shouted, pulling wet strands of hair away from her face.


Addison swam quickly over to Arizona and whispered something in her ear as Callie swam to the other end of the pool, safely out of reach of Arizona.


She watched a pleased smile spread threateningly over Arizona’s wet face and she suddenly became afraid of why she was smiling like that.


'What did Addison say to her?'


Arizona started to swim towards her and Callie narrowed her eyes.


“Calliope Iphigenia Torres.”


Callie’s face dropped, much to Arizona’s happiness, as she shot Addison a look of warning.


'Oh, no she didn’t.'


Addison snickered and hid behind Daniel to avoid the daggers shooting from Callie’s eyes.


Arizona smiled slyly and continued her slow journey towards a very agitated looking Latina.




Callie was frozen in place, horrified that Arizona was now very aware of her middle name, a name that she tried so hard to keep secret. And now the little perky blonde was using it against her.


She watched Arizona glide easily through the water and her fluid movements started to distract her.


Eventually Arizona came to a stop directly in front of her and stood with her arms crossed over her chest and her head tilted sideways with the same sly grin. She knew that she had hit a weak spot on Callie and she was thrilled at the power of knowing her full name. Secretly she thought it was beautiful and very fitting, but she would use it to her advantage for a while.


“You think you can get away with that little stunt you just pulled?” Arizona laced her voice with challenge and sexiness, making Callie raise her eyebrows.


“And what are you going to do about it, Miss Robbins?”


Daniel watched the scene with great amusement. He knew his sister...she wasn’t a fighter. She hated fighting and he knew her well enough to know what was coming next.


Callie was expecting a witty answer from the blonde, but instead she received an unexpected answer.


“Chicken fight.”


“Um, what?” Callie looked around to see Daniel smiling widely. It was just as he expected.


“You, me, chicken fighting it out.”


Callie laughed heartily until she realized that Arizona was completely serious and she shrugged.


“Alright. Bring it on, bright eyes. I’m a Torres, and a Torres is hard to beat.”


Arizona scoffed at Callie’s confidence.


“Well, then I intend to beat you very well, or go down fighting.” Arizona winked and Callie gave her a crooked smile.


Both girl's climbed onto their partner's shoulders, Arizona on Daniel's and Callie on Addison's.


Arizona tried to put on a convincing battle face and cracked her knuckles to which Callie responded with a fake scared face.


With that, Daniel stepped closer to Addison and yelled “GO!”


Callie grabbed onto Arizona’s small shoulders and pushed against her, trying to knock her from her brother's shoulders. But Arizona pushed back harder, determined to win.


After a few more pushes, Addison lost her balance and stumbled backwards, dropping Callie into the water.


Arizona pumped her fists in the air victoriously as Callie emerged from the water, her face streaked with dark hair.


Daniel let his sister down easily and she swam to Callie with a cute smile. Callie pouted and Arizona carefully moved a strand of Callie’s hair from off of her face and tucked it behind her ear. The brunette relaxed at Arizona’s touch and closed her eyes as a soft hand stroked her cheek.


“Defeat looks good on you, Calliope.”


Callie wanted to disagree, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Arizona’s breath was cool on her wet skin and she couldn’t form any coherent words.


Before Callie had the chance to respond, Arizona was distracted by the large water slide at the end of the pool. Her eyes shone with excitement and she gestured at the inviting slide.


“Calliope, let's slide together.”


Arizona pulled Callie out of the pool, their hands locked together. As Arizona climbed the ladder to the top of the slide, Callie was thankful for being able to go second. From down below she had an amazing view of Arizona’s backside. She stared hard, trying not to drool and slowly made her way up the slide.


When she reached the top, Arizona was waiting excitedly.


“Sit behind me and wrap your arms around my waist Calliope.”


That was music to Callie’s ears. Arizona was telling Callie to touch her, to hold her close, and there was no way that she was about to reject that demand.


Callie did as she was told, her legs spread to fit around Arizona’s, her front pressed to Arizona’s back. Callie gasped at the feel of herself pressed up against Arizona and she felt Arizona freeze. At least she wasn’t the only one feeling that way.


“Okay,” Arizona lowered her voice and fought to steady her words. “Now, wrap your arms around my stomach.”


Arizona gasped as Callie’s hands met her wet stomach and Callie flinched. She certainly hoped that Callie was enjoying this as much as she was.


“Now hold on tight. We are gonna go in together.”


Callie nodded and rested her chin on Arizona’s shoulder, her face coming intoxicatingly close to Arizona’s. The blonde turned her head ever so slightly and her lips brushed Callie’s cheek accidentally, causing them both to gasp with pleasure, but neither of them turning away.


“Don't let go Calliope.” Arizona whispered into Callie’s cheek and Callie nodded.


She definitely wasn’t going to let go now...or ever...she wanted to hold Arizona this close forever.


Arizona shook away the shock of Callie’s touch on her stomach and her lips and pushed off the side of the slide, sending the two of them down the curve and into the water. When they emerged, Callie still had her arms around Arizona’s stomach.


“You told me not to let go.” Callie giggled sexily and Arizona nodded.


“And I’m glad you didn’t.”


Daniel watched from the other end of the pool and shared a look of excitement with Addison. Things were going so great.


The four friends played around in the pool, talked animatedly, or swam around lazily until the sun started to go down and started to cast an orange glow on everything around them.


Arizona eventually got tired of wading through the water and decided to lay out on the side of the pool and stare up at the sunset. She was delighted when Callie joined her, laying down next to her and resting her arms above her head. She was so exposed and Arizona couldn’t help but to stare at her body again.


Callie laid still while Arizona admired her body and it excited her that for once, someone was looking at her with such admiration. It felt amazing. She watched Arizona’s eyes reflect the setting sun and she sighed. This felt right. This felt like everything would be okay, and she needed to talk to Arizona. But she couldn’t. So instead, she started small.


“Arizona...” Callie spoke softly.


“Have you ever been in love?”


Arizona thought before answering. “I have loved so many people, yes. But I can say that I have never been in love. I think it take a special kind of person to make me fall in love with them. And I want it to be a love like no other, a love that takes my breath away and leaves me always wanting more.”


Callie felt a tug in her heart. She wanted to be that one special person that made Arizona fall in love with her.


Arizona turned her head to Callie and asked, “What about you? Have you ever been in love?”


Callie frowned at the thought. “I thought I was in love. With George. And what we had...it was love. But...I wasn’t in love with him. I wanted to believe that we were, and I even tried convincing myself that I was really in love with him, but I wasn’t. I was just lying to myself. And that's not love. No, love has to be more than that.”


Callie took a deep breath and met Arizona’s eyes.


“It takes two people. And I want to be in love with someone who is truly in love with me. And someone who accepts me for who I am, not for who they want me to be.”


Arizona smiled. “Calliope...you truly are amazing. And don’t you ever change for anyone. You are perfect just the way you are. And people really like you. I mean, some of them really like you.” Arizona hinted at her attraction, trying to keep the conversation innocent enough to let Callie make her own assumptions.


Callie smiled in return and felt like her heart was going to burst.


“You really think so?”


“I really know so. And Calliope...you will have people lining up for you.” Arizona nodded in affirmation.


Callie giggled. “You wanna give me some names?”


Arizona just grinned and winked, leaving Callie to interpret that as she saw fit. And just as Callie’s face turned serious with realization and she opened her mouth to respond, Daniel threw water onto both girls, causing them to jump up and scream in shock.


Addison laughed at Daniel's antics and ran over to the girls, unaware that she had interrupted an important discussion.


“Let's go in and get some dinner. It's getting dark.”


Callie followed everyone back into the house to order pizza and stared after Arizona. This was real. Arizona was real. And she had a feeling that the blonde haired, blue-eyed, perky Arizona Robbins was fighting to be first in that line to have a chance with her.









A New Beginning (Chapter 11)

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


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Chapter 11


Arizona absentmindedly tugged at her noodles with her chopsticks, not enjoying her food as much as she should. She was scared. She was more scared than she had ever been in her life.


'I can't do this.'


Arizona glanced at the doughnut box on the end of her bed and smiled. She wanted Calliope. She wanted her here, in her arms. She wanted to hear the Latina's words of comfort and to feel the way she had been feeling lately, not this feeling of intense dread settling in her heart. But it was beginning to seem impossible.


Daniel watched his sister carefully as her face displayed several emotions over the past few minutes. He knew this wasn’t easy for her. But it was vital to her relationship with Callie. If she didn’t do this, there would never be a her and Callie. And he didn’t want to see that happen.


“Arizona.” Daniel drew his sister's attention to him.


“Tell me what you are thinking.”


Arizona sighed and put her food down in defeat.




She didn’t even know where to start.


“Daniel...I can't do this.”


Daniel sighed. He knew that was coming. Arizona had been telling him that the whole week.


“Okay, listen to me, Zona. I need you to do this...for you and for me.”


Arizona was confused as to what this had to do with him, so she listened to him as he continued.


“When I leave, I want to know that you are happy. I need to know that you have someone to talk to, someone that will take care of you no matter what. And I think Callie is that person, Arizona.”


Daniel nodded and threw his hands in the air.


“I know that you think this is the hardest thing in the world to have to do. And I know how you feel. It's the same way I felt when I knew I had to tell you I was leaving. You feel like it will turn out horrible and your heart is going to break at seeing the reaction of the ones you love so much.” Daniel smiled in understanding.


“But Arizona, I promise you will feel better when it's all over. You don't know what will happen at first, and I know that scares you, but in the end, it will be worth it. In the end, you are that much closer to Callie.”


Arizona knew he was right, but she couldn’t push the fear away.


“Daniel, do you really have to leave?”


“Zona, I’m so sorry. I wish I could stay but-”


“No, it's okay. I understand. I’m just going to miss you talking to me like this.”


Daniel pointed at the doughnut box.


“That is why you need her. She will be here for you when I can't be Arizona,” he met his sisters eyes and smiled playfully.


“Just, don't let her replace me, okay?”


Arizona scoffed. “Daniel, she would never replace you. There is only one, smart, caring, handsome brother. And there's only one sweet, beautiful, sexy...umm...Calliope.”


Daniel chucked at her comment and she blushed.


“I'm not trying to take your girl or anything, but I’m going to have to agree with you on that one Zona.”


That reminded Arizona of something.


“Daniel, what's with you and Addison? Are you two seeing each other now?”


Daniel had taken Addison out to dinner twice that week and had really enjoyed getting to know her. He liked her a lot, and he was happy to know that she returned the feelings.


“I guess you could say that. But, Zona, I don’t want to get too close to anyone. It's not fair for them since I have to leave soon.”


“I understand, but Calliope has told me a lot about how much Addison talks about you. Apparently she really likes you.”


Daniel lowered his eyes, torn between happiness and sadness. He did like Addison, but he didn’t want to hurt her.


“We will just have to see what happens okay? Besides, we still have to work on you and Callie right now.”


As if on cue, Daniel's phone buzzed and he looked to see a new message from Addison.


Callie is worried about AZ. She hadn’t answered any of her texts. Plz let her know. OH and pool time at Callie’s tomorrow. Wanna come with me? :) -Addie


Daniel lifted the phone to show Arizona and she immediately reached for her own. She had been so buried in her thoughts that she forgot to check her phone. Sure enough there were several missed texts from Callie and Arizona frowned.


Stupid thoughts.


Daniel took that as his cue to leave and he rose from his spot on the bed.


“Get some rest, sis. Let your mind take a break from all this worrying for a while. You can do this. I’m here for you, okay?”


Daniel kissed Arizona’s forehead lovingly and laughed.


“Maybe you can think happy thoughts about Callie in a bikini while you try to sleep. I’m sure that will take your mind off of everything else,” Daniel joked easily.


Arizona pulled the covers up to her chin and finally smiled.


“No, I'd never be able to sleep then.” She was so happy to be able to joke with her brother like this. Him knowing the truth really helped her with what she would have to deal with in the morning.


“Goodnight Zona. I love you sis.”


“Love you too Daniel.”


“I'll be in to get you bright and early.”


“Eww, don’t remind me.”


With that Daniel closed Arizona’s door around and Arizona flipped through her unopened messages.


I hope you are feeling better. Did the donuts help?

Are you up for a pool party tomorrow? Maybe it will help you feel better. :)

I miss you Arizona.


Arizona dialed Callie’s number and smiled when she heard relief in Callie’s voice.


“Arizona! Is everything alright?”


“Yeah, I’m okay for right now.”


Callie paused. “You don’t sound very sure.”


“I should be better tomorrow if I see you.”


Callie’s voice lifted with a smile. “So you'll be here?!”


“Sure, I'll be there. Well, I plan on being there if nothing gets in my way.” Arizona hoped tomorrow morning's outcome would allow her to go see Callie. She had a feeling that she would need to see her before the day was over.


“Arizona, do you wanna talk about it? You know I’m here to listen.”


Arizona contemplated, tempted to tell Callie what was about to happen. But that would ruin everything. As much as she wanted Callie to know, she couldn’t tell her. Not yet.


“I wish I could, Calliope. But I can't. This is something that I have to work through on my own.”


Callie understood, even though she truly wanted Arizona to let her in.


Thank you for my donuts Calliope. That was very sweet of you.”


Callie blushed on the other end of the line.


Well, I remember you telling me that donuts help you feel better, so...”


Arizona smiled happily at Callie’s sweet gestures so make her feel better.


Well, they did help. And I especially like the sprinkle ones.” Arizona wished she could be with Callie to wink at her like she always does. That's why she had to be brave tomorrow. Or she might never get the chance to flirt with Callie again.


Instead, both girls only giggled, wondering if the other caught the irony of the rainbow sprinkles.


So thank you again.”


Arizona, I'd do anything to help you.” Callie’s voice became soft and sincere and Arizona felt her heart melt. This girl was good...she could flirt sexily and be sweet and still win Arizona’s heart.


That means a lot to me, Calliope. And just so you know...I miss you too.”


Callie grinned like a lovestruck child on the other end and whispered her good-nights to Arizona.


'Night Calliope. Sweet dreams.”


Arizona hung up and before turning her light out, she noticed her attire. She quickly sent Callie one last message, laughing gently to herself.


Oh, I’m still wearing your pj pants. Sorry :o '


A few seconds later Arizona received a reply.


That's really cute ;)


Arizona replied with a simple winky face and fell into a fitful sleep.




Daniel shook Arizona awake very gently and she rolled into her pillow, groaning at the clock blinking 5:00 am.


It's way too early.”


Daniel placed a gentle kiss on Arizona’s messy hair.


It's time Zona. It's now or never.”


Can I choose never?”


Daniel pulled Arizona up and led her downstairs. She was too tired to change into more decent clothes, but fear was pushing adrenaline through her veins, quickly making her more aware of what she was doing.


Arizona felt Daniel grip her hand firmly for reassurance as they entered the kitchen quietly to find their parent's eating breakfast and chatting in low voices, as to not wake their children.


The Colonel saw them walk in slowly and looked at the time.


Guys, what are you doing up so early?”


Her mother looked up from her food and concern replaced the calm face she had previously owned.


Arizona, honey, what's wrong?”


So it was that obvious. Arizona panicked. Her throat felt tight, her head started to pound, and she was quickly losing the courage to do this.


Daniel leaned in and whispered encouragement, seeing his sister struggling internally.


You can do this. Callie needs you.”


Daniel’s mention of Calliope brought her back down to earth and she started to build her courage back up slowly.


Mom. Dad,” Arizona looked to the Colonel who had laid his fork down to listen and the silence in the room was deafening to Arizona.


I need to talk to you.” Her own words sounded like thunder in her ears.


Macy Robbins looked to her son for answers, but his face remained stoic. Whatever this was about, Daniel already know about it. And this didn’t surprise Macy since her daughter and son were closer to each other than she was.


Okay,” Macy glanced briefly at her husband. “We're listening.”


Arizona took a deep breath and tried to calm her breathing, but found no comfort.


You want to sit down?” Macy motioned to an empty seat across from her, but Arizona declined in case she needed to make a quick escape.


Arizona was proud of who she was. She was comfortable with her choice to be a lesbian and she didn’t worry about what other people thought anymore. She had learned her lesson from the first experience she had with the matter, and since then she decided that as long as she was content with herself, then nobody else's opinion mattered.


Except for her parents.


They didn’t know the truth and it was about time that they did. But their opinion mattered. And that scared the hell out of Arizona Robbins.


With Daniel’s hand in her own, Arizona looked away from her father, fixing her eyes on the ground and spoke before she could have the chance to turn back.


I know sometimes you guys worry about why I don’t ever bring home any boyfriends. But I need you to know that I won't ever have one.”


Arizona continued to stare at the hard wood floor, avoiding her parent's gazes and her breathing sped up to match her heartbeat. This was happening. There was no stopping now.


'Do it for Calliope. She needs you to do this.'


“I'm...I'm gay.” Arizona sucked in a deep breath at hearing the words fall so quickly from her lips, resonating her scared, tiny voice through the whole room.


Daniel breathed a sigh of relief and squeezed his sister's hand tighter. It was over. She did it.


Arizona waited for what felt like a lifetime for her parent's to respond. She didn’t want to see their faces, faces that were surely frozen with surprise, disappointment, or anger.


She waited...and waited...




Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and broke away from their stares to run up the steps to the comfort of her room.


Daniel wasn’t sure how to gauge his parent's reactions. His father was expressionless and his mother looked...confused...but maybe...relieved?


He gave them both a look that silently told them to figure out how to handle things and went to comfort his sister.


Arizona was curled into a small ball of blonde hair on her bed, just as Daniel expected.


“They hate me Daniel. I knew this wouldn’t turn out well.”


Daniel shook his head and searched for his sister's face tucked into her chest.

Holding her face in his hands, he willed her to look at him.


They do not hate you Arizona. They need time to take it all in. they love you. And I am proud of you.”


A soft knock on Arizona’s door led Daniel to get up and leave, giving Arizona one last supportive look.


Arizona didn’t want to do this. She knew her father was angry. She didn’t want to talk about it with him, she just wanted to leave and see Calliope.


The Colonel watched sadly as his daughter tried to stop crying, tried to wipe away her tears to make it look as if they were never there, trying to appear brave. He had raised her that way, to be strong no matter what, to be a good man in a storm. But he knew she was hurting and it was his fault. She should be allowed to cry and here he was making it difficult for her to hold her tears back.


Arizona avoided his eyes once more as he took a spot on the bed beside her.


Arizona, why are you crying sweetheart?”


The tone of endearment in her father's voice caught her off guard. Where was his anger? It was probably being saved for later.


I'm not crying sir.” Arizona’s voice cracked and she fussed at herself for letting her emotions show through.


Arizona, it's okay to cry this time.”


This caused Arizona to turn and look her father in the eyes for the first time. Her father never, ever showed his emotions, he had been numbed by so many sights of war that not much drew emotion from him anymore. But Arizona was seeing her father about to release an emotion, she just wasn’t sure which yet. He sounded truly concerned and this scared her more than anything.


I only have one question.”


Arizona was prepared for something along the lines of “How fast can you get the hell out of my house?” and she braced herself for the blow.


Instead, her father's voice was strong, but soft.


Are you still who I raised you to be?”


Arizona was shocked. No anger. No yelling. Only kindness and understanding.


Yes, sir. I am still who you raised me to be daddy.”


The Colonel smiled and nodded, giving his daughter a hug when he saw a tear slip from her relieved eyes.


Your mother and I love you Arizona. You are our baby girl and we are going to support you no matter what.”


Arizona’s mother chose this time to walk in and give her daughter an understanding hug.


I'm sorry you were scared of telling us Arizona. I know that was hard for you. But you don’t have to worry, because we don’t love you any less honey.”


Arizona looked between her parents and smiled, thankful that she had nothing to hide from them anymore. She could be herself, she was free. And they were okay with it.


Thank you for telling us though. I’m not angry. I’m actually kind of relieved. Now I know why you begged me to buy that poster for you.” Macy nodded at the Cindy Crawford poster and Daniel gave Arizona a look that said 'I told you so.'


So, who is the lucky girl?” The Colonel tried to sound upbeat.


The words felt strange on his lips. He never dreamed that he would be saying those words to his daughter. He had just recently asked that same question to his son. It would take some getting used to, but he would never shun Arizona. She was his daughter. And as different as the concept may seem, Arizona was still who he raised her to be. And he was content with that.


Arizona giggled and shook her head. She wanted to tell them about Calliope, but they weren't technically together yet.


Oh, there's no one in particular.” Arizona was still wary about the ease at which he parent's had accepted her news.


Daniel was listening in the hallway and decided to interject.


Her name is Calliope. And she's gorgeous.”


Arizona shook her head at her parents.


No, Calliope and I are not together.”


Daniel wiggled his eyebrows in Arizona’s direction.


Oh, but you will be soon.”


Macy laughed. “So you like this Calliope girl?”


Arizona blushed at discussing this with her mother.


Yes, I like her.”


The Colonel spoke up as he moved to leave the room. “And does she know that you like her?”


Arizona frowned. “No, not yet. I don’t think so at least. I mean, we are great friends, but I don't know if she has figured it out.”


Does she like you?” Macy asked.


I'd like to think so, yes. But I don’t know. We have never talked about it.”


Macy moved with her husband to the door.


Then what's the problem? If she likes you and you like her?”


Daniel answered for his sister. “Callie just got out of a bad relationship...with her ex boyfriend. So Arizona doesn’t want to rush things.”


The Colonel sighed. “You will know what to do when the time is right. But don’t set yourself up for heart break Arizona. You are still my good man in a storm.”


With that her parents left and Arizona rushed over to Daniel, jumping into his arms excitedly. Both siblings wore matching grins as Daniel spun his sister around, happy that things had gone well.


Arizona felt like a huge burden was gone and now she could move on. Daniel had been right...now she was one step, a huge step, closer to being with Calliope. She stumbled over to the donut box on her nightstand and chose two sprinkled donuts, offering one to Daniel.


He laughed before taking a celebratory bite.


Rainbow sprinkles? How appropriate.”


Arizona nodded and bit into her donut happily.


'What a way to start this day off. Who knew that things would change so easily once I moved here?'


Now she could be excited about seeing Callie tonight...


Daniel picked up on Arizona’s sudden mood lift and smiled suggestively.


“You know, Zona, if we are swimming at Callie’s, she's sure to have on that bikini that I bet you imagine last night.”


Arizona stopped in mid bite and narrowed her eyes at Daniel, knowing he was right.


Oh yes, she was definitely excited about seeing Calliope tonight...

A New Beginning (Chapter 10)

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Chapter 10


Callie flopped onto her bed and didn’t bother to hide the smile radiating from her heart. Today had been amazing. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the memories of today as they replayed themselves.


She was proud that she had been able to convince Arizona to ride the roller coaster with her, even if she did use flirting a little bit unfairly to get her way. But hey, she wasn’t only flirting to convince Arizona to get on the ride. No, she was flirting because she wanted to. The thrill she got from the way Arizona’s eyes lit up when she whispered in her ear was more than enough reassurance to keep her going. And she only got more confident as the day went on and Arizona openly returned her flirting.


Then there was Daniel. He was an amazing guy to be around and Callie was sad that she would have to tell him goodbye so soon after getting to know him. His charming personality and infectious happiness, obviously a Robbins trademark, made him so easy to be around. But she noticed him and Addison talking quite a bit, always glancing in her and Arizona’s direction like they were up to something.


Callie’s heart suddenly flipped and she ran into her bathroom where Addison was showering.


“Uh, Callie...I really hope that's you out there.”


Callie ripped open the shower curtain and Addison screamed, frantically covering herself with her hands.


“Callie, I know you are into this kind of thing now, but, um, I’m not.” Addison shook her head earnestly at being nakedly exposed to Callie.


“Daniel.” Callie said simply, but with warning in her voice.


Addison furrowed her eyebrows and shifted uncomfortably under Callie’s accusatory stare.


“Uh, what are you talk-”


Callie tapped her foot impatiently and crossed her arms over her chest.


“What did you tell Daniel?!”


Addison feigned innocence and hurriedly pulled the shower curtain closed.


“I have no idea what you are talking about.”


Callie hopped onto the bathroom counter and crossed her legs, prepared to wait until Addison told the truth.


“Addison Montgomery,” Callie scolded.


“Did you tell that boy about me?”


Addison thought quickly as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair.


“Of course. I just told him how awesome and nice and...non-violent you are.”


Callie rolled her eyes at Addison's attempt to answer the question obscurely.


“That's not what I meant Addie.”




“Addison, did you tell him anything about me liking Arizona?”


Addison knew there would be no escaping the question at this point.


“Um, well I didn’t exactly- I may have mentioned that-”


“Addison! Just tell me what you said to him!” Callie was getting impatient.


“I told him that you had broken it off with George and that you wanted to maybe...try something new.”


Callie frowned deeply and glared at the shower curtain.


“You told him I am gay?!”


Addison shrugged, forgetting Callie couldn’t see her.


“Well, not exactly. But I may have let him know that you were...well, that you might be interested.”


Callie hung her head in disbelief. This is not how she needed things to go. Daniel shouldn’t have known about her. Now it would be awkward and if he told Arizona what he had heard...


Why in the world would you tell him that?! Do you know how horrified he must be to hear that a girl likes his sister?!”


Addison mumbled under her breath and laughed quietly.


“You think that it's funny? Really?” Callie huffed.


Addison smiled slyly. Callie didn’t need to know the whole truth...she could make it fun.


“He just blew it off actually. He didn’t really seem to care.”


Callie’s mind starting racing through several thoughts at once.


Daniel knows she likes Arizona, sort of.

He didn’t freak out...good?

But he didn’t care? Why would he not care? That's news that a brother wouldn’t take very lightly. Either he was okay with it, or he pretended to be okay with it until he could warn Arizona.


Callie’s eyes widened with realization and she came close to ripping the shower curtain open again.


If Daniel didn’t care, then why did she catch him smiling at her and Arizona so often. He had been okay knowing that she was flirting with his sister. What did he know that she didn’t?


Oh, no, no he cared. Addison was lying.


Before Callie could reveal this to Addison, the red-heads arm shot out from the shower.


“Could you hand me a towel please?”


“Not until you tell me the truth.”


Addison shut the shower off and sighed.


“Give me a towel and I'll tell you.”


Callie warily placed a towel in Addison's outstretched hand and waited for an explanation.


“Well, let's just say that you may have a very good chance with Arizona.”


Callie waited for more, and hearing Callie’s silence, Addison appeared from the shower with a towel wrapped around her.


“That's it.”


Callie shook her head.


“What? That's it? What does that even mean?”


“I don’t know. I told you everything I know.” Addison hoped desperately that Callie would believe her lie, or her and Daniel's plan would never work.


Aware that Callie wasn’t buying her bluff, she changed the subject.


“So, I’m supposed to head home tomorrow when you leave for school.”


Callie forgot her anger about Daniel and frowned. This was going to be really difficult without Addison here to help her through everything. She hadn’t even gotten close to getting Arizona and she needed Addison's support if she was going to make it happen.


“Aww, Addie. I really wish you could stay a little longer.”


Addison brushed her hair in the mirror, focusing on keeping a straight face for a few more minutes.


“Callie, I cant. I don’t think I would make it here. There's too many bad memories here.”


“But you have more good times than bad here, Addie. And we could make new memories. Its senior year.” Callie started at her best friend with a hopeful look.


“Please Addison? I need you.”


Addison sighed dramatically and shrugged, excited at the news she was about to give Callie.


“Well...I guess if you really need me and we can start over, then...maybe I'll stay. I mean, after this weekend, I can think of a few reasons to stay here.”


Callie’s face lit up at her friend's words and she jumped from the counter to hug Addison happily.


“That's so awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have just made me the happiest person in the world.”


Addison snickered. “No, I’m pretty sure that's Arizona’s job.”


Callie rolled her eyes. “You can come with me tomorrow and register and-”


“Already taken care of. I went by the school during my Pop-Tart run the other day.”


Callie grinned from ear to ear. This was going to make things so much easier.


Addison finished combing her hair happily and Callie left to lay on her bed and think about how much better it was going to be with Addison back.


Addison soon joined Callie on the bed and they talked for a while about their day and about what the week would hold. Eventually both girls fell asleep content, each dreaming about a blue-eyed Robbins sibling.




When Addison and Callie stepped out from the car at school the next morning, several friends rushed over, surprised at seeing Addison again.


After many welcome back hugs, Addison caught Mark Sloan's attention. He hadn’t seen her since before summer break, since the day she found out that he was unfaithful. He was having a hard time believing that he was really seeing her stand there looking happy to be back. But there she was, socializing with friends as if she had never gone away. She was as stunning as ever and he felt a pang of regret for hurting her.


Callie quietly made her way away from her friends and towards a very confused Mark Sloan. She laid a hand gently on his shoulder as his sad eyes met hers.


“What is she doing back? I thought she moved away.”


Callie shrugged innocently, not wanting to admit to Mark that she was part of the reason that Addison had decided to stay.


“She wanted to come back. It's not easy leaving everything you know and love behind.”


Mark winced when Addison looked over at him. He had been in love with her. But he made a terrible mistake, one that he knew he could never be forgiven for.


So he would suck it up. He was over her and clearly she was done crying over him, seeing as how she was back and looking like nothing had ever happened.


Callie let out an excited laugh as a familiar blue car pulled up and the passenger door opened to reveal the object of her previous night's dreams. Long, lean legs caught Callie’s eye first and then traveled up Arizona’s body to eventually rest on her smiling face. She was so perfect.


Mark watched in amusement and interest upon seeing the two girls exchange flirty smiles. His mind traveled back to the way the two had danced together at his party. That wasn’t just the usual friendly dance, no it was more than that. Those two had something going on. He raised his eyebrows as Arizona winked at Callie and his smile got bigger. Oh, yeah. He was going to have to grill Callie about this later.


“Hey, Addison!” A voice called from the car and Mark's smile faded as he watched Addison flirt genuinely with the driver of the car.


“Who is that guy?”


Callie grinned, still not taking her eyes off of Arizona as she walked towards her seductively.


“Oh, you mean Daniel? That's Arizona’s brother. He's awesome.”


Callie waved to Daniel as he drove off, leaving Mark to glare disdainfully at the car.


“I don’t like him.”


Callie picked up on the hostility in his voice and knew that it was because of Addison.


“Mark, you don’t even know him.”


“I still don’t like him,” Mark replied gruffly.


Callie ignored Mark's jealous comments and pulled Arizona into a close hug when she reached them. As she broke away, her nose brushed the blonde's hair lightly and allowed her a dizzying whiff of Arizona’s shampoo. Strawberries. Callie’s head spun with the enticing smell of Arizona and she grinned stupidly.


Arizona looked on with confusion and a slow smile spread over her face.


“Um, well, good morning Calliopeeee.” Arizona drew out Callie’s name slowly and it only furthured Callie’s fascination with her at the moment.


“Uh, yeah, good morning Arizona.”


'Does she really know how good she is at flirting?'


As the bell rang to start the school day Arizona locked arms with Callie and with Addison beside them they made their way to homeroom, Mark Sloan walking curiously behind them, far enough to observe Callie and Arizona, while at the same time ignoring Addison.


Homeroom was uncomfortable for everyone as Callie and Arizona talked, trying to ignore the obvious tension between Mark and Addison. Eventually they made small talk and Mark tried to avoid showing the pain that he was feeling at having Addison back here.


When the bell finally rung, Arizona and Callie made a quick escape with arms locked and left Mark and Addison to walk to class together. Callie knew she should have helped Addison, but she needed to confront her feelings for Mark and make sure that the flame they once held was distinguished. So she left them alone, waiting with Arizona in class for them to arrive. This was going to be a long day.


At lunch Arizona was seated across from Callie once again, much to Callie’s liking so she could steal quick glances at the blonde when she wasn’t looking.


As she bit in an apple she almost choked when she felt a smooth leg touching hers, beginning to travel up her leg slowly. She looked up quickly to question Arizona with her eyes, but Arizona was looking away, chatting animatedly with Teddy Altman. Callie looked over to Addison, seated to the left of Arizona, and Addison shrugged at seeing the confused expression on her friend's face.




Callie jerked her head sideways at Arizona and Addison looked over at the blonde, wondering what Callie was freaking out about. When she noticed Arizona’s leg was touching Callie’s her eyes widened and she shook with quiet laughter. Go Callie!


Callie rolled her eyes then closing them to focus on the feel of Arizona’s leg on hers.


'Does she know what she is doing to me? She is killing me slowly...'


Arizona let out a soft giggle and Callie opened her eyes to see Arizona winking at her. Callie was excited that Arizona was being flirty first, it gave her reason to flirt back, and now that she knew Arizona was doing it on purpose, she was going to get her back for this...and she was going to enjoy it.


Mark leaned over and whispered into Callie’s ear casually.


“You wanna tell me why you are making googly eyes at Blondie?”


Callie shook her head.


“I have no idea what you are talking about Sloan.”


Mark rolled his eyes.


“Like hell you don't. She's hot Callie. And she has the hots for you...don't blow it.”


Callie couldn’t believe Mark was saying this. He must figure that she is flirting with Arizona a little too much to be considered friendly, and she would be lying if she said he was wrong.


She knew it was slowly pushing past friendly boundaries, and she was ready for it this time. She wanted it...




Today was the first lab assignment in Chemistry and Callie was excited. She was a sucker for awesome experiments. Today they would be playing with the effects of acid on different objects...burning stuff...awesome.


Arizona watched Callie set up the lab area and pulled her hair into a loose ponytail to allow room for her safety glasses. Oh, how she hated the safety glasses that they were required to wear.


When Callie saw Arizona wearing the glasses she giggled.


“Oh, what? I know they aren’t attractive or anything, but you have to wear them too.”


Callie nodded and put her own glasses on, smiling and reaching out to Arizona.


“Yes, but yours...” Callie adjusted Arizona’s glasses on her nose and made sure to brush a finger down Arizona’s cheek while doing so.


“Yours were crooked.”


Arizona blushed at Callie’s touch. She was flirting again. Of course. And she was excited that Callie had fired back.


Callie continued setting up the lab and grinned.


“And for the record...those are very attractive on you.”


Arizona blushed once more and started preparing the first object for it's 'death by acid.'


As she held the small tube of acid, her hand started to shake, trying to release the acid slowly onto the object, only one small drop at a time.


Watching Arizona struggle with a simple task thrilled Callie. It meant her flirting was working, and she loved it.


Glancing around at the other groups doing the lab to be sure the coast was clear, Callie stepped closely behind Arizona and slowly ran her hand down Arizona’s arm, resting her hand atop Arizona’s to steady her shaking hand.


Arizona let out an audible gasp and it was music to Callie’s ears.


'Ha, that's what you get.'


Arizona’s lips parted to take in a shaky breath and as Callie’s breath tickled her ear, she thought she would faint.


“Two can play at this game, Arizona Robbins.”


Callie pulled her hand from Arizona’s and pretended as if nothing happened, leaving Arizona wanting more. She was such a tease.


For the rest of the class, Arizona made it a point to touch Callie in the simplest ways, brushing her hand over Callie’s 'accidentally', or touching Callie’s shoulder when she would make a joke, flashing her dimples very often, knowing the effect it had on Callie. This was going so well and Arizona started to become more confident that maybe Daniel was right. Maybe she had a chance with Callie after all, and if she flashed her smile enough, maybe Callie would come to the other side of the rainbow. She chuckled softly at the words Daniel had used to describe her smile last night.


After school, the two friends said their goodbyes, both pleased with their flirting and went home to tell their partners in crime about their day.


Addison giggled at Callie’s happy stories of her flirting with Arizona. She was proud of her best friend. She was giving herself a chance to be happy with someone, someone who Addison believed deserved Callie. Arizona had turned out to be a pretty cool girl and Addison was officially all on board to get them two together, along with Daniel of course.


Arizona discussed her day with her brother and Daniel beamed proudly at his sister.


“See, what did I tell you about that smile of yours? You'll have Callie won over in no time, Zona. If she's as interested as she seems, you two will be together before you know it.”


Arizona smiled at her brother. “Yeah, but I don’t want to rush it. If Callie really does like me, then it's all new to her. I’m afraid of newborns, Daniel.”


She had explained to Daniel the situation that happened in Florida and he understood why she was hesitant.


“Zona, I think Callie really likes you. And that's worth giving a shot. If she wants you badly enough, she will readjust to who she's becoming.”


Daniel smiled reassuringly at his sister.


“And for what it's worth, I really think that she likes you.”




The rest of the week was full of flirting and everyone noticed. Mark had started to catch on, even though Callie wouldn’t admit that anything was going on. Even George had noticed Callie and Arizona’s comfortable closeness and he ignored it, sitting with Izzie at a different table for the first time in four years.


Callie and Arizona had become increasingly closer with every day, both flirting mercilessly. Late night texting sprees became a regular routine for the friends as they never wanted to stop talking to each other, and most of the texts involved several winky faces at the end. Someone was going to cave first from all the flirting, but neither girl wanted to be the one.


As Callie woke up excited to see Arizona smiling at her as soon as she would arrive at school every morning, Friday was different.


On Friday there was no dimpled smile, only sad attempts to smile, that never seemed to succeed. Callie tried flirting, but Arizona wasn’t playing that day. Something was wrong and it hurt Callie to see Arizona so sad and out of element. When Arizona decided to leave at lunch, Callie was devastated. Not only would she not have her lab partner in Chemistry, but she wouldn’t get to find out what was bothering Arizona. She felt lost and she almost followed Arizona, but decided to let the girl have her space.


After school Callie made a trip to Kripsy Kreme and bought a dozen donuts, half of them decorated with rainbow sprinkles. The irony was not lost on Callie as she placed a note on the box and left them on Arizona’s doorstep.


When Daniel came home from picking his and Arizona’s dinner up from the Chinese place, he noticed the box sitting in front of the door and carried it in to Arizona, who was sitting on her bed biting her nails, tears silently rolling down her flushed cheeks. She was scared of what was going to happen tomorrow and Daniel knew she needed comforting. She couldn’t back down now and he needed to remind her of the reason she needed to do what she was so afraid of doing now.


He offered the box of donuts to Arizona and she thanked him.


Daniel shook his head to indicate that they weren't from him and Arizona quietly read the note attached to the box.


Arizona, I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to see you after school, but I thought you might need some space. I hope these help. I’m thinking of you. -Calliope


Daniel knew who they were from by the sad smile that spread over Arizona’s face. His heart clenched at the thought of Arizona letting Callie get away. Callie cared for her, and Daniel could see that plainly. His sister deserved Callie and he knew that she would need her once he left.




Arizona met Daniel's eyes and he gave her a warm hug.


“I think you need to talk to her soon.”

A New Beginning (Chapter 9)

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


A/N: This cute little chapter is the longest yet and it was a load of fun to write. So tell me what you think :)


Chapter 9


Arizona fell asleep content that night, still clothed in Callie’s tank top and Pop Tart pajama pants, enjoying the way they felt on her. She was happy. For once in a long time she was genuinely happy. She was out to her brother and Callie had made her feel much better about Daniel leaving. She couldn’t wait to get back to school on Monday to see Callie again. But the hard part was nearing faster than she was prepared for. Eventually she would have to tell Callie that she was gay and that could mean life or death for her possible relationship with the Latina.


Daniel had planned a surprise out for tomorrow and she was looking forward to it, not having to hide her feelings anymore. She had someone to talk to and she was going to take full advantage of that while Daniel was still around.


Callie and Addison talked until the early hours of the morning and Callie was finally content. As she tried to fall asleep scenarios kept playing in her mind. There were so many things that would be different from now on if she really was a lesbian. She would have to tell her family, her friends, and would no doubt be judges, especially by her parents who were very religious.


But it's what she wanted. She wanted Arizona, and with Arizona came many many changes. She would have to prepare for them and ready herself to stand strong in the face of rejection. She would be under fire and she may lose friends, but she kept telling herself she was okay with that. As long as she still had Addison, Mark, and Arizona, she would be just fine.


Mark. He was right all along. Callie rolled her eyes and figured she'd never hear the end of it once Mark found out. Oh well. It would just be another price to pay.


Sleep finally found Callie as she started to replay she and Arizona’s conversation in her mind. She thought back to every smile and every laugh that she shared with her and it relaxed her. She realized she would gladly give up the things that she was used to in order to see and hear that laugh from Arizona all the time.


With Arizona’s soft laughter ringing in her ears, Callie drifted into a sleep filled with images of the beautiful, blue-eyed girl.




Daniel snuck into Arizona’s room quietly and chuckled at the sight before him that he was so used to seeing.


Arizona was sprawled out under her covers, her blonde hair peeking out from the tops of the blanket in an skewed pattern and one Pop-Tart clothed leg hanging half way off of the bed.


Daniel walked towards the bed, planning to wake Arizona slowly, but changed his mind at the last second. He jumped onto the bed and started jumping up and down, bouncing on the springy mattress, an action that he and Arizona used to do as children and would deny having done it when confronted by their parents.


Arizona jumped up in surprise and flung the covers off of her, her hair flying over her face in a frenzied mess.


“What, what? I’m up!” Arizona looked bewildered at the sudden awakening and Daniel continued jumping, smiling down at her with his blue eyes shining with amusement.


Pushing her hair out of her eyes she stared up at Daniel and giggled.


“What in the world possessed you to wake me up like this?” She tried to put on a serious face, but a smile inevitably broke through.


Daniel stopped bouncing and just offered her a hand silently. Arizona grinned and accepted his hand as he pulled her up beside him. Together they started dancing and jumping around on the bed, both of them reliving fond memories from their childhood.


After a while Daniel hopped down from the bed and turned his back to Arizona, an invitation for her to hop on. She excitedly clung to his back, wrapping her arms and legs around his body to hold on.


They had been doing this since they were kids and she was going to miss this, among several other things, when Daniel had to leave.


Daniel spun Arizona around and listened happily when she squealed with excitement. He carried her downstairs on his back and into the kitchen.


Arizona immediately smelled breakfast and she kissed Daniel happily when she saw the table already set with her favorite breakfast, blueberry pancakes and a glass of milk.


“What did I do to deserve this Daniel Robbins?” Arizona hopped down from his back and took her place at the table.


Daniel beamed, pleased that he managed to make his sister happy.


“Oh, no reason. You are just my favorite sister.”


Arizona rolled her eyes. “Daniel, I’m your only sister.”


Daniel took a bite of his pancakes and nodded. “Yeah, but if you weren't my only sister, you would still be my favorite.”


'Always the charmer.' Arizona sipped at her milk and poured some syrup over her pancakes.


“So what are our plans for the day?” Arizona inquired about Daniel's intentions.


“You'll see when we get there.”


Arizona clapped her hands, “Oh, I love surprises!”


“I'm glad to hear it, or else this wouldn’t work at all,” Daniel said happily.


Daniel's face became thoughtful for a moment and he smiled, pleased with is idea.


“Hey, Zona, why don’t you invite a friend?”


Arizona stopped chewing and stared at Daniel.


“But I thought it was just going to be me and you?”


“Uh, well it might be more fun if you bring a friend along.”


Arizona frowned at the thought of having to share her day with someone other than Daniel until she thought of Calliope.


Daniel saw Arizona’s face brighten and he knew exactly who she would invite.


“Are you sure, Daniel? I don’t mind it just being the two of us.”


After Daniel insisted on Arizona bringing a friend she quickly finished eating and thanked Daniel for the breakfast.


“I'm going to get ready and call Calliope. I'll be down in a few.”


She took off up the stairs, tripping along the way from excitement causing Daniel to laugh loudly.


Arizona anxiously waited for Callie to answer her phone, knowing that she was probably still sleeping.

When she did answer, Arizona smiled excitedly.


“Hello?” a tired voice answered slowly.


“Calliope! Good morning. I’m really sorry for waking you up,” Arizona apologized.


Callie immediately sounded wide awake and Arizona hoped she was smiling on the other end.


“Oh, hi Arizona! What's up?”


“Well my brother has this surprise planned out for me today and asked me to invite a friend. So...I'm inviting you. If you want to go of course.” Arizona was hopeful and it was obvious in her voice.


“Arizona, I'd love to, but Addison is here. I can't just leave her here alone.”


Arizona made a quick decision, hoping her brother wouldn’t mind. “She can come along too.”


She was so excited about the idea of seeing Callie again so soon that she would find any way to make that happen.


The blonde listened as Callie woke Addison up and let her know what was going on.


“Alright, what time should we be there?”


Arizona jumped up and down with excitement and Callie laughed, charmed by Arizona’s perkiness.


“Uh, we will pick you up at-” she glanced at the alarm clock on her nightstand. “10 o'clock. How's that sound?” That gave her half an hour.


Callie agreed and Arizona hurriedly got dressed, pulling on a small blue shirt and a pair of white shorts.


She was excited for whatever they were doing. She was going to be with her two favorite people at the same time and the thought made her smile as she ran down the stairs. Today was her day to be with Callie without being nervous, without feeling like she needed to hold anything back. Today she was going to flirt unashamedly and hope that Callie would flirt back.


“Daniel, I kind of invited Calliope and her friend too. She didn’t want to leave her friend home alone because she is visiting from New York. Is that okay with you?”


Daniel shrugged, that would actually work pretty well.


“Sure, no problem. You ready to go?”


The siblings jumped into Daniel's Mustang and headed to Callie’s house to start their day with Arizona still brimming with excitement.


Callie looked as stunning as ever when Arizona laid eyes on her. Wearing a purple tank top and blue jean shorts she was plainly dressed, but Arizona thought there was nothing that could ever not look good on Calliope.


Arizona introduced Addison to Daniel and it didn’t go unnoticed by either Callie or Arizona when Addison was taken off guard by the stunning dimples that Daniel produced.


Arizona raised her eyebrows to Callie and shrugged, taking her place in the passenger seat, with Callie and Addison in the back. Soon they were off to see where Daniel had planned to spend the day.




“An amusement park?!” Arizona jumped out the car before everyone else could even unbuckle, much to Callie’s amusement.


Arizona’s eyes shone with happiness and Callie found herself staring at the blonde's dimples again.


'Of course.'


Addison giggled, Arizona’s infectious excitement taking her over.


This could be fun.


Inside the park Arizona was, well, like a child in an amusement park. She was so excited about everything around her and Callie found it endearing.


Callie had a hard time keeping up with the blonde, but she was beginning to get excited as she saw a roller coaster bigger than she had ever seen. She looked to Addison and the red head smiled widely, knowing Callie’s love for roller coasters.


Daniel caught Callie’s look and grinned wickedly. “I'll give you ten dollars if you can get my sister on that.”


“Arizona doesn’t like roller coasters?” Callie had a hard time believing that.


“Go see for yourself.”


Callie smiled slyly and noticed the way Daniel was looking at Addison. This could be interesting.


“Okay, I'll match that bet if you can get Addison on it.” Callie was smiling deviously.


Daniel glanced at Addison and nodded. “You're on.”


They shook hands to seal the deal and got ready to put their most persuasive faces on.


Callie caught up to Arizona who was already a few steps ahead of them, scanning for what she wanted to do first.


“Hey, Arizona. What do you say we get on a ride together? Addison isn’t one for rides, so maybe you wanna give it a shot?”


Arizona beamed and grinned. “Of course. It'll be a good way to start the day.” She was super excited that Callie wanted to ride with her.


Her excitement quickly turned to dread as Callie indicated the coaster that she wanted to get her on.


“Oh, no, no I don’t do roller coasters. Especially not ones that you can't see the top of...” she glared at the looming coaster before them and stopped in her tracks.


Callie frowned, but wasn’t about to give up.


“Oh, come on Arizona. You'll love it!”


“I don’t think so Calliope. I’m not fond of the idea of sitting in a seat that is going 80 miles an hour on a metal track of death.”


Callie giggled at her comment, but continued to insist on Arizona getting on the thing with her.

She glanced over at Daniel briefly to see that he was having just as much luck as she was, as Addison was persistently shaking her head.


“Well, don’t worry. You stand up on this one.”


Arizona’s face dropped and her eyes widened considerably at the thought.


Callie knew exactly what to do. She put on her best grin and looked at Arizona, batting her eyelashes.


“Please?” She reached out and took hold of Arizona’s hand. “For me?”


Arizona gaped at the way Callie was looking at her. Was she...flirting?


That was supposed to be her thing to do today, but here she was watching Callie make the first move.


'Incredible. This might be easier than I thought.'


But oh, no. She wasn’t about to give in that easily.


“What's in it for me?” She fired back at Callie.


Callie shrugged and started to swing Arizona’s hand in hers.


“Well, you just have to have fun. But I'll be right there beside you to keep you safe if you really need me to.”


Arizona’s heart sped up and suddenly the idea didn’t seem too bad.


Oh, yes. Callie was definitely flirting with her.


While Callie waited for Arizona to make her decision she overheard Daniel speaking to Addison.


“Or are you just too afraid?”


Callie watched with amusement as Addison's face turned from fearful to proud. She knew Addison well enough to know that Daniel's comment was all it was going to take to get her on that roller coaster.


Sure enough Daniel walked proudly towards Callie and Arizona, a victorious smile on his face.


Callie gave him a quick smile.


'Damn, he's good.'


Arizona took in a deep breath just as Addison and Daniel stopped next to them.


“Okay. Fine. Just this once Calliope.”


Daniel raised his eyebrows in surprise and Callie did the same, leaning over to whisper in Daniel’s ear.


“That was a cheap shot telling her she was too afraid.”


Daniel returned the comment, keeping his voice low.


“So was flirting with my sister.”


Callie’s mouth hung open. Was she really that obvious? And why did he seem okay with that? Did he know something that she didn’t know?


With that, Daniel took Addison's hand and led her towards the roller coaster, smiling knowingly back at Callie.


Arizona pulled Callie’s hand to follow Daniel and Addison before she lost courage.


As they were being strapped into the seat Arizona felt her legs starting to shake. She was standing up on a roller coaster, with nothing but a chest harness to keep her in place. She looked to her right at Callie whose only emotion was excitement and she felt her whole body start to shake. She was not only afraid of this ride that was sure to kill her, but she was even more afraid of the fact that Calliope had gotten her on the ride in the first place. If she could get her to do this so easily, then what else was this girl capable of?


Before she could say anything to Callie about her being lucky that she was on the ride, the seat lurched forward and they started rising up into the air on an extremely steep hill. Arizona panicked and started to scream. Daniel turned around from the seat in front of her and laughed uncontrollably.


Callie joined in on the laughter and tried to comfort the blonde.


“Arizona, we haven't even done anything yet. The ride has barely started.”


Arizona took several quick breaths and forced herself to turn and look at Callie. She tried to give Callie a threatening stare, but didn’t have the chance before the coaster reached the first hill's peak and she felt her heart drop.


She gasped and before she could let out a breath she was flying down the hill at blinding speeds. Her stomach dropped and she screamed louder then ever before, barely hearing Callie’s laughter.


Arizona’s eyes bulged from her head and her mouth was wide open, stuck in mid-scream. She flailed her arms wildly and felt her head spinning as she found herself seeing nothing but the sky as they turned in a loop, her hair blowing in her face. This was insane. She was going to kill Calliope the second she stepped off of the ride...if she survived.


They slowed for a few seconds to make their way up another hill and Arizona forced herself to calm her breathing before she hyperventilated.


Callie glanced over at her and found her fear to be kind of cute. Her hair was windblown and her blue eyes were shining with bewilderment.


“Are you okay Arizona?” Callie yelled over the sound of the coaster and grabbed Arizona’s hand.


Arizona shook her head hard, wishing she could enjoy the fact that Callie was holding her hand, but was too distracted by the fear pulsating through her body.


“I am going to kill you Calliope Tor- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


They sped downhill once again and Arizona continued her screams and gripped onto her harness with one hand, her other still in Callie’s, clinging to it for dear life. If this didn’t end soon she felt like she would die. She had no idea why Callie and Daniel thought this was so much fun.


After two more loops and more screams from Arizona, the ride came to a slow stop. The harnesses flew up to release the riders and Arizona stumbled forward, her legs shaking from adrenaline.


Callie steadied her with firm hands on her shoulders to keep her from falling as they made their way down the stairs, back to solid ground, much to Arizona’s relief. She looked around at Daniel who was beaming with excitement as Addison glared at him. Obviously she had enjoyed it as much as Arizona had, she was just a little better at hiding her feelings.


Callie turned Arizona by her shoulders to look her in the eyes.


“Now was that so bad?”


Arizona glared at her. “You are kidding me right? I hated every second of it. You are never getting me to do anything like that ever again.”


Arizona huffed and rolled her eyes.


“You should be very glad that you are my friend, because otherwise I'd be awful tempted to hit you with a brick right now.”


Callie chuckled and pulled Arizona into a hug, whispering in her ear.


“Well, thank you for going with me anyways. I promise you won't have to do it again. And I'll make it up to you.”


Arizona shivered at the sensation of Callie’s light breath on her ear and despite the horror she just experienced, she started to smile.


“Fine.” Arizona pretended to not care, but she was completely excited.


Callie grinned and noticed Daniel smiling at the two of them while they embraced, wondering why in the world he was smiling so big.


Arizona broke away from the hug, turning to wink at Daniel. This day was going well and she knew he was excited that he had found a way to bring the two girls together without being obvious. Daniel was the best and Arizona would be sure that he knew it. She truly appreciated his acceptance and he made her love him even more by trying to help Arizona have a chance with Callie. And if Arizona was reading Callie correctly, she just might have a chance.


Their stare was broken by Addison who playfully punched Daniel in the shoulder, effectively getting his attention and Arizona was surprised to see that the two were getting along so well. Addison was pretty, and by the way Daniel was looking at her, Arizona knew he shared that opinion.


After watching the Addison and her brother talk for a few moments, Arizona turned to Callie and pointed to the numerous food stands lining the way.


“So, I know a way you can make this up to me.” She stated with a smile and Callie looked where she was pointing.


Callie happily pulled Arizona along to the cotton candy stand and bought a big pink ball of sugar for the blonde. Arizona nodded in approval and thanked Callie, peeling off some of the cotton candy and popping it in her mouth, feeling it dissolve almost instantly.


Daniel glided casually up to the two girls, his arm casually locked with Addison's and smiled at the two girls.


“We are going to go play some games, do you guys wanna come along?”


Arizona’s eyes lit up and Callie agreed, happy to do anything that would please Arizona.


Callie sucked at games. She could ace all of her work at school and beat anyone at a test of knowledge. But she sucked at games that involved no brain power.


Yet here she was, trying desperately to win a water gun game. She had her eye on a small white bear with blue eyes that she wanted to win for Arizona. It was an innocent gesture, winning a prize for a friend, but she hoped that maybe Arizona would see it as a little more.


The bear was smiling a cute, childish smile and had it's arms open as if waiting for a hug. It reminded her of Arizona and she wanted to get it for her.


Everyone watched as Callie and Daniel fought it out, both with their eyes locked on the bulls-eye where the water needed to hit in order to raise the teddy bear to the top of the game tent and win the game.


When the buzzer sounded, indicating that someone had won, Callie was disappointed to see that Daniel’s bear had risen only slightly higher than hers. She sighed in defeat and handed over more money to play again as Daniel handed a cute stuffed animal to Addison, who accepted it shyly.


Three games later, Callie let out a victorious laugh when she saw that her bear had risen the highest and she hurriedly pointed to the blue-eyed bear and proudly handed it to Arizona. The blonde's dimples lit up her face at the gift and she threw her arms around Callie in an appreciative hug.


“Thank you Calliope!” She held the bear tight and a smiled was permanent on her face.


Arizona kept her arms wrapped around Callie and decided to take things a step further, hoping it wouldn’t get her in trouble. She whispered in Callie’s ear as the Latina had done to her earlier, making sure her lips barely grazed the brunette's ear.


“That was really sweet of you.” Arizona leaned away from the hug and smiled sweetly at Callie.


Callie definitely wasn’t imagining it anymore. Arizona was flirting...and she liked it.


'Score one for Torres.'


Callie was radiating happiness for the rest of the day, nothing could dampen her mood. It also helped that Addison had taken such a great liking the the blue-eyed boy that had invited them here in the first place. They were getting along very well and Callie was happy to see Addison happy again.


She felt better than she had felt for a while when she noticed Arizona happily hugging the prized teddy bear the rest of the day, not letting go of it once.


After several intense rounds of mini-golf, a bumper cart fight, and several other forms of entertainment that did not, much to Arizona’s relief, have anything to do with roller coasters, the tired group of friends grabbed a quick bite to eat at a fast food restaurant and Daniel took Addison and Callie home.


Arizona excused herself from the car to walk Callie to the door, still toting her bear around.


“Well, I hope you had fun today, Calliope. Thanks for coming along with us.”


Callie hugged Arizona and made a point to speak softly directly into Arizona’s ear, continuing their flirting game.


“Anytime. I can't wait to see you again.”


Arizona rolled her eyes with happiness and nodded.


“You definitely will see me again soon. We do have class tomorrow after all.”


Callie frowned at the idea of going back to school after such an eventful weekend, but she felt a spark of hope at seeing Arizona again.


With a small smile Arizona walked back to the car and waved goodbye. Things were getting interesting because she knew Callie was flirting with her. There was no doubt in her mind anymore that this week would bring them closer.


On the way home Arizona couldn’t stop thanking Daniel enough for giving her such an amazing day.


“Daniel, do you like Addison? I mean, I saw the way you two acted together.” Arizona asked abruptly.


Daniel blushed and shrugged off her question. But his blush gave him away and Arizona giggled.


“Yeah, she's cool.”


He quickly changed the subject to avoid talking about Addison.


“So how were things with Callie? I know she was flirting with you an awful lot.” Daniel made it a point to look at the small bear in Arizona’s lap.


“Oh, things were good. Things were more than good. Thank you again Daniel.”


“No problem, Arizona.”


Things were quiet for a moment before Daniel spoke up again.


“You know, I think she wants you.”


Arizona was caught off guard by that statement and she laughed nervously.


“What do you mean?”


“She wants you Arizona. When you weren't looking, I saw her glancing at you and her eyes said everything. She likes you Arizona. I think you really have a chance with her.”


Arizona sighed and held the bear tighter to her, a sad truth revealing itself to her.


“She's straight Daniel.”


At this Daniel simply smiled. He had talked with Addison about Callie and he knew more than Arizona knew at this point.


“Zona, I wouldn't be so sure of that.”


Arizona flashed her brother a bright, dimpled grin and Daniel nodded.


“And that's exactly why...that smile right there. I think that smile has the ability to make anyone fall for you.”


Arizona giggled and Daniel wiggled his eyebrows.


“That smile could definitely make a straight girl run to the other side of the rainbow.”

A New Beginning (Chapter 8)

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


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Chapter 8


Addison and Callie made their way to Callie’s bedroom and threw themselves onto the bed with pop tarts in hand. Callie was excited to tell Addison about her day and the new ideas that she had.


“So...tell me everything.” Addison ripped open a package of pop tarts and got ready to listen to Callie’s story.


“Well, we talked about everything. But she was so upset because her brother just joined the military and he is being deployed to Iraq in three weeks.”


Addison frowned. That was heavy stuff.


“She's really close to him, to Daniel. And she's taking it very hard.” Callie thought back to Arizona’s endless tears and it tugged at her heart to remember her like that.


“She told me about their childhood and about how he has always been there to love her and protect her. And that he is taking her heart with him to Iraq.” Callie looked around her room to keep her from getting distracted.


Addison swallowed her pop tart hard and stopped eating. She felt bad for the blonde even though she didn’t even know her. She couldn’t imagine the way Arizona must be feeling. She remembered when she had to leave Callie and she felt like the world was coming to an end, and she was still in the country. She knew it must be hard for Arizona to accept that her brother was leaving for another country to fight a war.


“But eventually I helped her through it. And I know that there will be so many more tears before it's all said and done, but at least I got her to smile today.”


Addison grinned knowingly. “So, if yo managed to cheer her up, I’m guessing you talked about more than just her brother today?”


Callie felt a smile form on her lips.


“Yeah, we talked about a lot. She let me know about all of the places she has lived and the people she's met. I told her she was lucky that she got to move around so much because I’ve been stuck here all my life. But she wasn’t that excited, she said it never gives her time to really make good friends with anyone.”


Addison caught the way Callie’s eyes lit up at this. “You are her first good friend huh?”


Callie nodded. “I guess you could say that. We hit it off pretty easily. She's so easy to talk to and she made me laugh without even trying.”


Callie looked at Addison and saw her knowing look.


Addison took a bite of her pop tart and shrugged.


“Told you so.”


Callie rolled her eyes at Addison's comment and laughed.


“Yeah, I know. I told you that you were right all along. And Addison,” Callie looked Addison straight in the eye to give her courage to say what she was thinking.


“I think...I want to-” Callie couldn’t find the right words.


“I don’t want to ignore my feelings for Arizona. I can't ignore them and today I realized that I don’t want to.”


Addison dropped her pop tart and clapped, excited that Callie finally admitted her feelings were there to stay. She jumped up from the bed, surprising Callie and started to dance around the room.


Callie stared incredulously and started to laugh.


“Addie, what are you doing?!”


Addison finally dropped back onto the bed next to Callie and smiled.


“I'm so proud of you Calliope Torres.” She pulled Callie into a hug and squealed with excitement.


“See, this is what you needed. You finally see that you need to look past gender and give yourself a chance with someone.” Addison beamed at Callie.


“This could be the start of something great, Callie.” Addison offered a pop tart to Callie in celebration and Callie gladly accepted.


“What are you going to now?” Addison flipped onto her back and stared up at the ceiling while Callie stared at her wall.


“I don’t really know. I mean, I want to figure things out with Arizona, but I don’t know how she feels. And I’m still not sure how I feel and-”


Addison quickly sat back up, startling Callie.


“NO. That is not good enough Callie.”


Callie blinked in surprise and Addison turned Callie to face her.


“We are going to put an end to that right now. Its okay to not know how Arizona feels, but you will never know how she feels until you figure your own feelings out. So...let's get that straight first.”


Callie nodded and sighed. She couldn’t believe that she was even having this conversation with Addison. A few weeks ago she would have never considered the idea of her and George not being together anymore. And never in her lifetime had she ever considered the possibility of having feelings for a girl. But now...now things were changing.


“Okay, um, where do we start?” Callie was ready. She was ready to figure things out, tired of not knowing.


Addison closed her eyes to listen.


“Start with Arizona. What you like about her, what you don’t like about her. And we will go from there.”


Callie laid down beside Addison and prepared herself to sort through the mess of thoughts and feelings that were leaving her blinded with confusion and anticipation.


“Well...Arizona is, like I said before, different. She isn’t like most people out there. She is perky and confident and funny.”


“I guess I like all of that about her. I like that she makes me smile, that she cares for her brother so much, and that life is important to her. She knows her boundaries and she sticks to her priorities and she's...she's amazing.”


Addison was content, knowing that Callie was headed in the right direction.


“She has these amazing blue eyes and her smile, she has this super magic smile.” Callie couldn’t stop from smiling at the thought of seeing Arizona’s smile, the smile that made her heart soar every time she saw it.


“And she has these dimples. They are so...so hard to ignore. They are really cute and fitting on her. It just radiates her smile even more than I thought possible. And her whole body personifies what she is all about. Even her hair bounces like her personality.”


Callie chuckled lightly and found herself happy to be thinking about Arizona and finally getting all of her thoughts out in the open, even though they sounded foreign coming from her lips.


If Addison hadn’t know any better, she would have thought Callie had completely lost her mind at hearing her best friend talk about a girl like this. But she had a feeling that this was going to be their reality now. This was happening, and she was going to be there for Callie every step of the way.


Callie threw her arms over her head and let them rest on her dark hair, splayed out over the covers.


“As for things that I don’t like about her...”


Addison smiled. This was a good sign.


“Well...there's not really anything that I don’t like about her,” Callie paused to wonder whether or not to say what she was really thinking. But she might as well. This was time to get it all out, to not lie to herself anymore.


“Except for the fact that I cant be with her. And that I don’t know how she feels. She's good at showing her emotions, but I haven't been able to figure out what she is feeling about us. She's happy to have a friend, but-”


She turned her head to glance at Addison who still had her eyes closed.


“What if she doesn’t want more than that Addison? What if I am wasting my time, worrying myself about the fact that I am falling for a girl, falling for her. And shes not even interested, not feeling the same way I am about her.”


It hurt Callie to think that she was wasting her time with all of this. She knew that the possibility that Arizona was feeling the same way wasn’t completely out of the question, but it was an extremely long shot.


This is why she was so hesitant about even letting herself determine if she was really feeling these things for Arizona. She was letting herself become someone she was unsure of, someone she didn’t know. But she was okay with that for now. However, if Arizona didn’t feel the same she didn’t know how long the new her would last. She wasn’t ready for heart break again.


Addison finally spoke up after deciding on what to say.


“Callie. You aren’t wasting your time. Obviously you care a lot about her, and you cant' let that go, you can't let her go. I know you are still afraid of what you are becoming, but there is no need to be afraid anymore. There's nothing to be ashamed of, I’m all for you giving yourself a chance with Arizona. She seems like she's really good for you and I've never seen you so happy with the idea of being with someone Callie.”


Addison moved to hold Callie’s hand for reassurance and Callie turned to meet her eyes.


“She makes you happy, Cal. Hold onto that and go for it. From the way it sounds, you make her happy to. So don’t stress about what she is feeling. When the time is right, everything will fall into place and you will know her feelings. Don't rush them, but let her know that you are interested. And then go from there. You may surprise yourself at what you find.”


Callie rolled over and gave Addison a hug.


“You're right Addison. You are always right.”


“Now, tell me your final thoughts.”


Callie took a deep breath and let herself say that words that she had been avoiding for so long.


“I want to be with Arizona. I like her. I...like...Arizona.”


There. They were out. She admitted the truth to herself and she immediately felt relieved for not having to lie to herself any longer. She still had a long road ahead of her, but if she could realize that her feelings for Arizona were more than what she'd ever thought to exist, then she was ready to take the next step.


Addison smiled simply and opened another pack of Pop Tarts.


“Now that's what I've been waiting for hear.”




Arizona sat at the dinner table, hurriedly eating her food and avoiding her parent's curious stares.


When her father inquired about her choice of clothes, she told him simply that she had borrowed them from a friend because the rain ruined her other ones.


Colonel Robbins watched his daughter carefully, trying to gauge Arizona’s mood. He was thrilled when Daniel came to him to tell him that he had enlisted, but he knew Arizona wouldn’t take the news well.


Her eyes were still red with hard fallen tears, but she didn’t seem to be too upset at the moment. She had sought comfort from a friend that he had not yet met and he wandered briefly if she had found the comfort she needed. He knew that Arizona wasn’t one to hide her emotions, she had always been the sensitive child. But right now she was as transparent as a mud puddle.


“So how was your day Arizona?” the Colonel asked nonchalantly, trying to casually figure her out.


Arizona popped her head up from her food and smiled brightly, still in a good mood from her visit with Callie.


“Oh, it was good. Sorry about not letting you know where I was. I actually just went out for a walk, but I decided to go see a friend,” she smiled cheerfully at her father.


Daniel watched quietly at the way Arizona’s eyes lit up when she spoke about her day with Callie. He was happy that she had a friend, but he was curious as to why she was so excited to see this girl, seeing as how they had only met a few days ago.


Arizona’s mother also noticed Arizona’s cheerfulness and spoke up.


“Who is this friend of yours sweetie?”


Arizona beamed when she answered her mother.


“Her name is Calliope. She has a few classes with me. She's the one who took me to the party the other night.”


Her mother nodded briefly, remembering Arizona mentioning something about that party the other night.


“Well that's good. It's good to see that you are making friends so quickly.”


Daniel smiled and caught Arizona’s eye, to which she responded with a small grin back.


She then politely excused herself from the table and left her parent's to wander out her perky attitude that they were so accustomed to seeing. They knew that Daniel had told her and they found the two siblings holding each other while they slept the next morning. So why was she so happy right now? Surely she was still hurting from the news of Daniel's departure, but it didn’t seem to bother her in the least at the moment.


The Colonel raised his eyebrows at his wife and they just shrugged. As long as Arizona was okay, they didn’t care what the reason was for her happiness.


Arizona twirled her hair in her fingers absentmindedly while she sat down at her computer to check her email.


Today had gone really well. She was relieved that Daniel’s leaving wasn’t the only thing that she could think of all day, thanks to Calliope. She enjoyed spending time with Callie and she wanted nothing more than to talk to her again. Calliope Torres was going to be the death of her. She was beautiful and caring and turning out to be a great friend.


But Arizona couldn’t stop herself from wanting more. She wanted Calliope to be hers. She wanted to know that Callie would always be there for her when no one else would and she had made up her mind. She was going to stop fighting with her emotions and go for Callie. First she needed to evaluate Callie’s feelings, but after today she was hopeful that Callie just might be close to feeling the same way.


Arizona knew she was taking a huge chance and playing with her luck and her feelings, but she didn’t want to suffer in silence anymore. She would take it slow with Callie, but she wasn’t going to let her go. She didn’t care any longer that people would talk and she would be looked down on just like she had been in Florida. She wanted Calliope. And nothing was about to stop her.


Arizona’s thoughts disappeared as Daniel walked into her room quietly.


“Zona? Are you feeling better today?”


Arizona smiled up at him and motioned for him to take a spot on her bed so they could talk.


“Yes, now I am. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m okay with you leaving, Daniel. But it's getting better.”


Daniel opened his arms for a hug and Arizona complied.


“Daniel, I’m going to miss you more than you will ever know. You know that you are taking my heart with you.”


Daniel smiled. “Zona, you don’t have to worry. I will be back to return your heart before you know it. And besides, I can't stay away for too long because I would miss you too much.”


Arizona’s heart sank at the thought of Daniel not ever coming home and she hugged him tighter. She knew she couldn’t think that way, she would never get over it then.


Suddenly she knew what she had to do.




She pulled away from him and rested her hands on his knees.


“If you are taking my heart with you, then you need to know what my heart holds.”


Daniel nodded in understanding and waited for Arizona to continue.


Arizona’s heart started to race at the thought of what she was about to do, but it had to be done. She would never forgive herself if something happened to Daniel and she never got the chance to tell him the truth.


“Daniel, we always told each other our deepest secrets and trusted each other to keep them safe. And its not any different now.”


Daniel put an arm around Arizona’s shoulder to comfort her, seeing her hesitate.


“What's wrong, Zona?”


Arizona started to panic. What is Daniel hated her? What if he left her here, disappointed with who she really was? She didn’t want to lose her best friend to the truth. Maybe she shouldn’t say anything at all.


“Arizona...Arizona look at me.”


Arizona looked into Daniel's sad blue eyes and her fear melted away.


“You can tell me anything Arizona. That's never going to change. And neither is my love for you. Don't be afraid.”


Arizona took a deep breath and dove in head first.


“I'm a lesbian.”


She couldn’t believe she finally said it. She finally told her brother the truth and there was no turning back now. She squeezed her eyes shut to wait for the fallout and held her breath in anticipation.




She cautiously opened her eyes to search Daniel's face for his reaction, scared at what she might find.


Arizona almost fainted at the sight before her...Daniel was smiling.


'Okay...did I miss something? I did just tell him that I’m gay right?'


She waited for him to speak and he simply wrapped his other arm around her and hugged her.


Arizona gaped at his action and her head swam with confusion.


“I love you Arizona.”


She couldn’t believe what was happening.


“You-” Arizona’s mouth still hung open and her words were guarded.


“You aren’t mad at me?”


Daniel scoffed.


“No, Zona why would I be mad at you?”


Arizona shook her head.


“Daniel...I’m gay...” She restated what had been said to see if maybe he hadn’t heard her correctly.


“I like girls.”


Daniel laughed so genuinely that it shook his body and his dimples appeared.


“Yeah, Arizona, I know what lesbian means.”


He watched her face turn from disbelief to amazement.


“You're okay with that? You don’t hate me?”


Daniels grin turned to a frown. “Arizona, no. I don’t hate you. To be honest, I started to figure you were.”


Arizona cocked her eyebrows. “Why?”


“Well, I saw the way you looked at Callie. She's gorgeous Zona. And it wasn’t exactly hard to miss the way you acted around her, so happy, so...you.”


He then pointed to a poster of Cindy Crawford above Arizona’s bed.


“And you cant convince me that you only have that there to look at her mole.”


Arizona laughed, relief flooding from her small body. Things would be so much easier now that Daniel knew the truth.


“Yeah, you got me there.”


Daniel smiled so wide that Arizona instantly was happy that he knew the truth now.


“And Arizona...be proud of yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are worth any less because you are gay. Because in my eyes, you are worth more than anything for being honest and standing up for what you believe in.”


Arizona kissed Daniel's cheek and giggled.


“Thank you Daniel. I love you.”


Daniel stood to leave, a grin still on his handsome face.


“Arizona...I love you too.”


He stopped before leaving and turned to look at Arizona once more, a look of amusement on his face.


“I wish you had told me before, sis. We could have checked out girls together at the mall.”


Arizona shook her head and joined in on Daniel's laughter as Daniel asked one more question, serious this time.


“Does Callie know? I mean, you do like her don’t you?”


Arizona nodded her head unsure, Callie’s face suddenly appearing in her mind.


“Yeah, yeah I think I do like her. But no...she doesn't know. She just got out of a relationship...with a guy...”


Daniel understood what his sister was saying and he offered a wink as he left the room.


“Give her time, Zona. If she truly knows what's good for her, she will come around.”


A/N: Thank you to oxnightsang3lxo (and her brother) for the wonderful mall comment :)





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